We are a community of internationally recognised researchers and students working in conservation science.

Director of Science

  • Johan du Toit

Senior Management Team

Research staff

Joint ZSL and University College London Staff
  • Prof. Tim Blackburn
Senior Research Fellows
Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Research Associates

Research Assistants

Project Managers & Coordinators

  • Robert Deaville (Cetacean Strandings Project Manager)
  • Louise Gibson (Bats & Bugs Project Coordinator & ZSL Biobank Manager)
  • Heidi Ma (Hainan Gibbon Conservation Programme Coordinator)
  • Nicole Milligan (Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Database Manager)
  • Kate Scott-Gatty (London Hogwatch Project Manager)

Technical Staff

Science Support:
  • Dada Gottelli (Chief Technician)
  • Kevin Hopkins (Senior Technician)
  • Shinto John (Microbiology Technician)
  • Tresai Jordine (Animal Technician)
  • Max Manser (Animal Technician)
  • Matthew Perkins (Senior Technician)
  • Chris Sergeant (Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer)
Research Technicians:

Professional Staff

Science Operations:
  • Cheryl Buffonge (Science Operations Manager)
  • Amrit Dehal (Senior Administrator)
  • Breanna Kaufman (EDI & Science Review Boards Administrator)
Wildlife Health Bridge:
  • Alannah Hogg (Wildlife Health Bridge Coordinator)
  • Alexandra Thomas (Wildlife Health Bridge Course Manager)

ZSL Science Resources & Meetings

  • Linda DaVolls (Head of Science Resources & Meetings)
  • Lucy Brown (Public Engagement with Science Manager)
  • Harriet McAra (Science Communications and Events Manager)
  • Elina Rantanen (Journals Manager)
  • Isla Watton (Soapbox Science Coordinator & Science Media Project Manager)

Honorary Research Associates

  • Dr Sarah Ball
  • Dr Kieran Bates (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Stefano Canessa (University of Bern)
  • Dr Tim Davenport (Wildlife Conservation Society)
  • Dr Charles Foley (Lincoln Park Zoo)
  • Dr Tony Fooks (Animal and Plant Health Agency)
  • Dr Michael Hudson (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)
  • Dr David Jacoby (University of Lancaster)
  • Prof. Kate Jones (University College London)
  • Dr David Montagnes (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Goncalo Rosa (University of Lisbon)
  • Sarah Shanks (Public Health England)
  • Prof. James Wood (University of Cambridge)

IOZ PhD Students

Overseas PhD Students
ECZM Resident in Wildlife Population Health

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PhD Alumni