We are a community of internationally recognised researchers and students working in conservation science.

Director of Science

Science Management Team

Research staff

Senior Research Fellows
Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Research Associates

Research Assistants

Project Managers & Coordinators

  • Robert Deaville (Cetacean Strandings Project Manager)
  • Louise Gibson (Bats & Bugs Project Coordinator & ZSL Biobank Manager)
  • Heidi Ma (Hainan Gibbon Conservation Programme Coordinator)
  • Nicole Milligan (Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Database Manager)
  • Kate Scott-Gatty (London Hogwatch Project Manager)

Technical Staff

Science Support:
  • Dada Gottelli (Chief Technician)
  • Kevin Hopkins (Senior Technician)
  • Shinto John (Microbiology Technician)
  • Tresai Jordine (Animal Technician)
  • Matthew Perkins (Senior Technician)
  • Chris Sergeant (Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer)
Research Technicians:

Professional Staff

Science Operations:
  • Cheryl Buffonge (Science Operations Manager)
  • Rosa Cullen (Science Coordinator)
  • Amrit Dehal (Senior Administrator)
  • Breanna Kaufman (EDI & Science Review Boards Administrator)
Wildlife Health Bridge:
  • Harriet Pinder (Wildlife Health Bridge Coordinator)
  • Alexandra Thomas (Wildlife Health Bridge Course Manager)
  • Amber Wyard (Wildlife Health Bridge Administrator)

ZSL Science Resources & Meetings

  • Lucy Brown (Public Engagement with Science Manager)
  • Linda DaVolls (Head of Science Resources & Meetings)
  • Harriet McAra (Science Communications and Events Manager)
  • Elina Rantanen (Journals Manager)
  • Isla Watton (Soapbox Science Coordinator & Science Media Project Manager)

Honorary Research Associates

  • Dr Caitlin Andrews (Tufts University)
  • Dr Sarah Ball
  • Dr Kieran Bates (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Stefano Canessa (University of Bern)
  • Dr Charles Foley (Lincoln Park Zoo)
  • Dr Tony Fooks (Animal and Plant Health Agency)
  • Dr Michael Hudson (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)
  • Dr David Jacoby (University of Lancaster)
  • Prof. Kate Jones (University College London)
  • Dr David Montagnes (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Goncalo Rosa (University of Lisbon)
  • Sarah Shanks (Public Health England)
  • Prof. James Wood (University of Cambridge)

IoZ PhD Students

Overseas PhD Students
ECZM Resident in Wildlife Population Health

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