Postgraduate Research Assistant
Biodiversity conservation
Critically endangered species
Habitat suitability
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Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London

Matthew’s work aims to guide conservation actions for data-deprived species on the brink of extinction.

We can only learn so much about the ecology of a species if it only exists in small remnant populations after a severe range collapse. Matthew’s work aims to use alternative data sources, including historical, fossil and food species data, to gain ecological insights into the habitat quality and ecological needs of endangered species which find themselves in this situation. These include some of the worlds most threatened mammals: the Hainan gibbon, Javan rhino and Sumatran rhino.

Matthew Granger

 Recently, as part of ZSLs Hainan Gibbon Project, Matthew has been modelling the distribution of tree species important to the Hainan gibbon, with an aim to project these into future climate scenarios to estimate how their distribution may change in future decades, and to advise on which areas of forest are of high priority to maintain, restore or reconnect. 

Matthew Granger
Professional history

2023-Present: Postgraduate Research Assistant, Hainan Gibbon Project, Institute of Zoology
2022: Graduate Consultant, Greengage Environmental 
2021-2022: Freelance Research Assistant, Re:Wild
2020-2021: M.Sc. Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, Imperial College London 
2015-2019: B.Sc. Natural Sciences with Placement Year, University of Bath, placement with Maio Biodiversity Foundation and University of Debrecen