We're ZSL (Zoological Society of London), an international conservation charity driven by science, working every day to restore wildlife in the UK and around the world.  

Welcome to ZSL. By embarking on a career with us, you'll be joining a dedicated community of people working to restore wildlife. 

ZSL not only has two amazing Zoos in London and Whipsnade, but is a world-leading scientific, conservation and educational charity and a place where our passion for wildlife influences everything we do. Steeped in history, ZSL is nearly 200 years old and paved the way for modern animal knowledge with Charles Darwin and David Attenborough amongst our most prestigious ZSL Fellows.  

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  • A pangolin searches for ants.
    Our Priorities

    Protecting Species

    From lab to field, hands on and behind the scenes, we’re working at the cutting-edge of conservation identifying species most at risk and creating practical routes to recovery.

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    Our Priorities

    Restoring Ecosystems

    Deepening understanding and knowledge of the living world through scientific research, and acting now to reduce disease and decline while empowering a healthier future for wildlife, people and the planet.

  • Local people practicing Sustainable Fishing in a Locally Managed Marine Area
    Our Priorities

    Living with Wildlife

    Collaborating with communities big and small, on the ground and around the world, to work with our living world and help people and wildlife live better together.

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    Our Priorities

    Inspiring Change

    Bringing people closer to nature, inspiring love and care for wildlife at all levels and growing a movement of conservationists for the living world.

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Wildlife jobs

Our scientists in the laboratory and field, animal management teams at both zoos and our veterinarians, contribute multi-faceted skills and experience to both practical conservation and the scientific research that underpins this work. You're in good hands with us, with opportunities to learn and collaborate at every turn.

We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment. We apply policies that are determined solely by job criteria and personal ability.

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    Work with us

    How to become a Zookeeper

    Our Zookeepers' passion for their job and their animals, is unmeasurable. By joining our friendly team, you are entering a community of caring and fascinating individuals.

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    Work with us

    How to become a Veterinarian

    Our Zookeepers' passion for their job and their animals, is unmeasurable. By joining our friendly team, you are entering a community of caring and fascinating individuals.

  • ZSL conservationist in the field holding radio tracker
    Work with us

    How to become a Conservationist

    By entering into a career path in conservation, no matter what level of role you enter into, you will be working in a valuable and rewarding job restoring and protecting all facets of the natural world, worldwide.

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    Join us

    How to become a Volunteer

    There are many ways that you can give your time to support us and help us achieve our vision of a world where wildlife thrives.

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    Work with us

    Apprenticeship and Work Experience Opportunities

    Whether it's a love of wildlife that makes you tick, or a passion to work in a multi-faceted global charity, one of our Apprenticeships could be just the thing to kick-start your career path.

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    Work with us

    Diversity and Inclusion

    At ZSL we are committed to celebrating diversity and difference by building a culture of inclusivity.

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    A unique opportunity to study species and their biology

    Zoological Research Opportunities

    ZSL conducts, encourages and facilitates scientific research that will assist in advancing the ZSL Vision and Purpose.

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