Helping people and wildlife live better together

We're ZSL - an international conservation charity driven by science, working to restore wildlife in the UK and around the world by protecting critical species, restoring ecosystems, helping people and wildlife live together and inspiring support for nature. 

We’ve been building stronger connections to wildlife for 200 years. Through our leading Zoos, our innovative conservation work in the field and through the Institute of Zoology, a centre of research excellence, we are passionate advocates for nature and won't stop until we have created a world where wildlife thrives.

Fighting for our world

Stand up for nature

Climate change and human activity have pushed our precious planet to its limit causing devastating habitat and species loss. When nature loses, we all do.

Urgent action to help people and wildlife live better together, is the only way to save the natural world we love and depend upon. We believe nature can recover - that’s where ZSL comes in, and where you can play your part.

Our impact

  • Female Hainan gibbon with infant
    Safeguarding the world’s rarest primate

    Hainan gibbon conservation

    The Hainan gibbon is the rarest primate and possibly the rarest mammal species. There's been a severe decline in numbers due to habitat loss and hunting.

  • Pangolin close-up in a desert
    Protecting the most illegally trafficked animal on earth


    We’re leading global pangolin conservation work through our pioneering community work, anti-poaching patrols and by working with key decision makers.

  • Partula affinis checked over at ZSL London Zoo by Dave Clarke, snail is sitting on his finger
    Restoring Polynesian history

    Partula snail conservation

    We saved the remaining Polynesian snails before they could be wiped out forever, and we have been breeding them ever since to restore their precious ecosystem and place in history. 

  • Hazel dormouse close-up, dark circular eyes with rosy orange fur
    Reintroducing the hazel dormouse to British countryside

    Recovering UK wildlife

    By working together with our conservation partners, we've managed to successfully reintroduce over 1,000 dormice.

  • Tiger walking in the wild in Nepal photographed by a camera trap
    Achieving conservation milestones

    Nepal’s tiger population more than doubles

    A wildlife survey led by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Government of Nepal and supported by ZSL reveals that Endangered Bengal tigers in Nepal have doubled in number for the first time in decades.

  • Mangrove forest planting
    Restoring ecosystems

    Recovering mangrove forests

    Our projects in the Philippines have restored and protected over 900 hectares of abandoned fishpond mangroves - around the size of 1,260 football pitches.

  • ZSL conservationist looking out at steppe habitat with binoculars on top of mountain in Mongolia,
    Fighting illegal wildlife trade in Mongolia

    Illegal wildlife trade in Mongolia

    We're pioneering infrastructure to prevent the illegal wildlife trade across Mongolia, by establishing a new ecological police department and providing cutting-edge border control training.

  • Baby pangolin on grass close-up
    Rescuing wildlife

    Baby pangolin rescued from poachers

    A rescued young Sunda pangolin takes his first tentative steps after being released back into the wild.

  • Restoring wildlife globally

Making a difference for wildlife

Together we have the power to restore wildlife globally. We are collaborating with communities, conservationists and scientists across the world to make a meaningful impact for wildlife everywhere. Our insight and evidence-based approach achieves positive change and powers sustainable solutions that work for wildlife, people and the planet.

Together for wildlife

We believe nature can recover but right now it needs our support. Together, we can restore wildlife - join us in our fight to save our natural world.

Where we work

  • Black rhino, hooked up lip can be seen which is main difference with white rhino

    Conservation in Africa

    We're working across Africa to protect people and wildlife on the brink of ecological emergency.

  • Nature guide for ZSL driving conservation in Asia

    Conservation in Asia

    Protecting Asiatic lions in India, recovering Greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal, and discovering new species in Vietnam.

  • Tope shark

    Conservation in UK and Europe

    Remember the last time you saw a hedgehog rustling in the leaves? We're restoring wildlife across Britain and Europe.

  • A three-toed pygmy sloth climbing a tree

    Conservation in Americas

    Our scientists have recorded 94% new species loss since 1970 in Latin America and Caribbean alone.

  • Male hihi close-up black head with a white streak, and yellow streaks along body

    Conservation in Oceania

    Recovering island wildlife which is most at risk from invasive species.

  • Oysters covering a surface like a mosaic

    Marine and freshwater

    They cover 71% of the surface of our planet, and yet they are still the least explored.

  • Where we work

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