Building a world where wildlife thrives

Explore the wide-ranging, pioneering work we do here at ZSL on our journey of recovery for the planet, to address the most urgent conservation issues and challenges and restore the wonder and diversity of life everywhere.

Our priorities


Black rhino walking

Our priorities

Discover our key priority areas that will help us achieve our conservation goals, and our vision for a world where wildlife thrives.

Science and Research

Close-up of coral bleaching, one white coral bleached coral surrounded by darker healthier corals.

At the world-renowned Institute of Zoology

The Institute of Zoology at ZSL is one of the world’s largest and most respected wildlife research centres in the world. 

Our Projects

A group of people Setting up camera traps in Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary
Making a difference for wildlife


We're working across the world to drive forward a journey of recovery for the planet

Where We Work

    fish and coral


    Our ground-breaking work covers every wildlife habitat on the planet, from desert to forest and everything in between.

    Three giraffe on Kilimanjaro mount background in National park of Kenya, Africa


    If there is wildlife or nature that needs our support, our experts are there - covering every corner of the globe.


Ring tailed lemur

Saving critically endangered species

We are dedicated to identifying the species most at risk and creating practical routes to recovery.

Teaching the next generation of conservationists

Our Conservation Zoos


London Zoo & Whipsnade Zoo

Our Zoos play an active and crucial role in global conservation. Discover our zoos today.

Working With Business

Forest with skyscrapers in background

Hand in hand

We can’t achieve our vision for the world alone, find out more about the amazing organisations we partner with.

Help us make our vision of a thriving natural world a reality

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