Downloadable resources for everyone

Including specialist materials for conservation scientists, academics and professionals.

We are working to inspire change by arming our collaborators and peers with practical resources to help our collective mission to save wildlife around the world. From downloadable guidance for conservation professionals to pioneering software developed by our Institute of Zoology, there is so much to explore.

    An urban fox outside terraced housing
    Download the report

    Rewilding our Cities report

    Our landmark report shows how increased urban rewilding efforts could boost wildlife and buffer city dwellers from the worst impacts of climate change.

    Tiger sat by tree
    Building a nature-positive society

    Living Planet Index

    The results of the global LPI are published biennially in WWF's Living Planet Report, a leading science-based publication on the state of the planet and associated challenges and solutions.

    seagrass closeup
    Seagrass restoration could help our coastline

    Our Seagrass Restoration Handbook

    Experts from ZSL and the University of Portsmouth turn science into a practical toolkit on how to restore seagrass habitat, which can tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

    library staff
    Search or library catalogue for artworks, journals and more

    ZSL Library and Archives online catalogues

    Use our catalogue to search for various artworks, journals, books and more.

    seal survey thames
    Spotted a marine mammal? Report your sighting here

    Tools for the reporting of UK seal sightings

    Thames marine mammal sightings form a crucial part of our understanding of the biodiversity in the Thames and help us conserve these charismatic top predators.

    ZSL fundraisers doing a run
    Tell your friends and family about ZSL and what we do

    Free Downloadable Fundraising Posters

    Our fundraising posters tell your friends and family about ZSL and what we do. The posters have examples of what donations could be used for, to support our work.

    european eel closeup of face
    The species are now classified as ‘Critically Endangered’

    Download our eel barrier assessment tools

    European eels once thrived in London’s rivers but the number of young joining the adult populations has dropped dramatically since the 1980s.

    Inference of population parameters from DNA data
    Scientific software at ZSL


    Find out more about the software made available by ZSL for academics for free.

    Four ZSL conservationists study fish and record results on the Putney foreshore
    Useful guides

    Download our information on Thames species

    Including out Guidance on Conservation of Tidal Thames fish and our guide to fish species found in shore-based sampling of UK estuaries

    parakeet egg
    The causes of hatching failure remain poorly understood

    Practical resources for identifying the causes of hatching failure in birds

    Egg-hatching failure is a major problem for many bird species, and is considered a weak link in the chain of events that determines reproductive success in birds.

    Cheetah in grass
    Download the guide now

    Saving for our future 

    First of its kind biodiversity risk guide for pensions industry