Gifts in Wills

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Leaving a gift in your Will

As ZSL approaches its third century, our vital work to protect wildlife around the world and engaging people with the natural world has never been more important. 

By leaving a gift to ZSL in your Will, you will leave a legacy for the next generation of conservation leaders.  You will help us to care for our animals in our world-leading Zoos, connecting millions of people with nature; support our scientists to deliver ground-breaking scientific excellence; and underpin our active on-the-ground conservation field projects to protect wildlife. 

ZSL’s work is of global importance.  I am privileged to have seen ZSL’s work in action over many decades.  I saw the incredible animals at London Zoo when I visited as a young boy, I have studied in the library, exploring incredible texts and I am a Patron with my family.  Now, as President of this eminent organisation which is changing the future of the planet for the better, I am delighted to recognise ZSL’s impact by leaving a gift in my Will to support their future work.  I would ask if you would consider doing the sameProfessor Sir John Beddington CVO OBE, President

Contact us

We would love to hear from you and talk through any questions you may have about leaving a gift in your Will. You can contact us on 020 7449 6487 or by email on You can also write to us at ZSL Fundraising, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY.

It could be the most important document you will ever sign. Once you have looked after your loved ones, you can support a cause which really matters to you. A gift to ZSL will help to secure a future for the natural world for generations to come. As a charitable gift it will reduce or eliminate your inheritance tax. 

There are many ways to leave a gift to ZSL. Writing a Will need not be complicated, but we do recommend you consult a solicitor to ensure your Will accurately reflects your intentions. You can search The Law Society’s online database to help you find a solicitor in your area. 

Pecuniary bequest – a donation of a fixed sum of money or shares
Residuary bequest – a gift of all or a percentage of your estate after all other payments and bequests have been made
Specific – a gift of an item such as a painting or a historic document

Legacies are vital to the future of ZSL and your support is truly valued. If ZSL is part of your Will, we would love to hear from you and your pledge will be held in the strictest confidence. 

Free Will Service 

ZSL supporters can use a Will writing service, Farewill, for free (at the cost of ZSL). Farewill are the UK’s number 1 Will writing service, dedicated to providing simple and effective Wills. 

Please note that this service is subject to terms and conditions which are available on the Farewill website. 

Legacies are vital to the future of ZSL and your support is truly valued. You have no obligation to share any information with us and if you do, it will be held in the strictest confidence. However, if you would like to share your pledged gift commitment, we would encourage you to join the newly created Raffles Society so that we can stay connected with you about the work of our keepers, conservationists and scientists, and thank you for your support.   

The Raffles Society

Named after the founder of ZSL, Sir Stamford Raffles, the society will honour the generosity of donors who contribute to ZSL in leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. As a Member of the Raffles Society, you will receive exclusive invitations to events, ZSL reports, and regular communications including our magazine.

We are grateful to all of those who have written ZSL into their Will and have chosen not to be recognised.

Your Gift 

We would be delighted to explore how you would like your legacy to be used. Gifts to ZSL without restrictions are the most valuable to us as it allows ZSL to allocate your generous support to where it is most needed. Also, as our programmes are constantly evolving, a gift to ZSL as an organisation will ensure it can still be put towards our work years after you have completed your Will.