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I would encourage others to make a Will to include ZSL in it for the sake of the future of the world we live in.

- Michael Watts

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A pledge to ZSL is a commitment to ensure wildlife lives on long after we’ve gone. It’s a hope generations after us know tigers, rhinos and sloths as we do. It’s our honour to pay tribute to your legacy - striving to create a world where wildlife lives forever. 

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By leaving as little as 1% of your will to ZSL you can help us continue to inspire generations of people and build futures for wildlife.

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ZSL offers a complimentary free will service with our partners Farewill.

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For more information about legacy giving get in touch on 020 7449 6487, email us or write to:

Sophie Brown, Legacy Fundraising Executive

Individual Giving,

Zoological Society of London,

Regent’s Park,



Small gifts build big futures


No matter how big or small, leaving a gift in your will to ZSL makes a real difference to our work.

Your pledge - their future

If you have an area of interest, we can discuss how a legacy could help that area or set up a meeting with an expert in that field.

You can let us know of your intention to leave a gift in your will by completing our Pledge form

ZSL’s pledge to you

Please be assured that there is no obligation to share any information with us. Any information you do share will be held in the strictest confidence and is not a legally binding commitment. 

Finding a solicitor

Search The Law Society’s on-line database to help you find a solicitor in your area.

Free will service

You can take the hassle out of will writing by using our free service. At ZSL we have partnered with Farewill the UK’s number 1 will writing service dedicated to providing simple and effective wills.

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*Our free will writing service is subject to terms and conditions which are available on the Farewill website.

As the third generation of donor in my family I want to pass on that legacy to inspire future generations so that they care about wildlife the way my family has... 

- Mark Blackburn, Legacy Pledger & ZSL Stamford Raffles Patron 


It's a big job. A massive job. An awesome, exhilarating, extinction-fighting job. A job only made possible by thousands of passionate people like our supporters.

By leaving a legacy in your will you are helping to create a world where wildlife thrives, so we’d like to say a big thank you from everyone at ZSL.