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General information
  • What is ZSL?

ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is an international conservation charity.  Our vision is a world where wildlife thrives and we're working every day to achieve this. From investigating the health threats facing animals to helping people and wildlife live alongside each other, we are committed to bringing wildlife back from the brink of extinction. Through the work of our pioneering scientists, our dedicated conservationists and our unrivalled animal experts in our two zoos, we guide and enable others in the UK and all across the world.  Inspiring, informing, empowering - working for wildlife.  

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  • Is ZSL part of Merlin?

ZSL is not under the Merlin Group; therefore we do not accept Merlin passes at our Zoos. Our Zoos are part of ZSL, a global science-led conservation charity and so for those wishing to support us whilst enjoying the benefit of entry to both our Zoos, we do offer annual memberships.

For more information, please visit our membership page

ZSL Fellowship
  • What is ZSL Fellowship?

A ZSL Fellowship offers an exclusive insight into the work that ZSL undertakes both in the UK, in our two conservation Zoos and also in our active conservation programmes in over 50 countries across the globe. We are in a unique position to apply the world-leading science from ZSL’s Institute of Zoology and the expertise of our Conservation Programmes to our projects around the world to ensure impactful outcomes and the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. For further information, please visit the ZSL Fellowship page on our website.

  • How do I qualify for Fellowship?

You must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • An interest, or involvement in the fields of zoology, biology or a related area.
  • Current studies in conservation, zoology, or a related life science or subject.
  • Three or more continuous years and up to date commitment to ZSL as a Member.
  • ZSL volunteering, past and present, or former ZSL Employment.
  • How can I become a ZSL Fellow?

To become a ZSL Fellow you can contact the team on 0344 225 1826 or register online.

Register as a ZSL Fellow online

  • What are the benefits of Fellowship?

As a Fellow you will receive the following privileges:

  • Voting rights on ZSL matters, an invitation to the Annual General Meeting and the right to stand for ZSL Council.
  • Discounts on Wiley books at 35% and subscription to the Animal Conservation Journals at 60%.
  • Discounts on ZSL's ticketed lectures and symposia, including ZSL's keynote scientific lecture of the year, the Stamford Raffles Lecture.
  • Borrowing rights in the extensive ZSL Library at Regent’s Park, the largest zoological collection in the country and a great place to study and research.
  • Invitations to ZSL events with opportunities to meet ZSL staff in person and online.
  • Receive Fellows exclusive Zoologist publication.
  • Volunteering opportunities to connect you to ZSL’s work.

Additionally, you receive:

•    Unlimited entry to London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.
•    Personal sign-in of one additional family member per visit.
•    Two additional half-price entrance tickets per year, for family members.
•    Complimentary car entrance at Whipsnade Zoo.
•    Complimentary car parking at London Zoo outside of peak times.
•    Shop and café discounts at 10%.
•    Discounts on ZSL Experiences and select events at 10%.
•    Free subscription to Wild About, our award-winning magazine.

  • Do I have to bring the same free guest on each visit?

You can bring a different guest per day on each visit with your Fellowship.

  • Do I get Wild About if I am a Fellow?

Yes, you will receive a Wild About Magazine as a Fellow.

  • Where can I find information about upcoming events for Fellows?

You can find information about upcoming events on this page 

  • How old do you have to be to become a ZSL Fellow?

You can become a fellow from 18 years onwards.

ZSL Membership
  • How can I buy Membership?

You can buy your Membership on our website, via email at, on the phone by calling our friendly Supporter Contact team on 0344 225 1826 if you prefer to pay by card. To purchase our 20% discounted Direct Debit Memberships, we encourage you to purchase online as the quickest and easiest way to become part of the ZSL family.

  • How are Gold and Silver Membership different?

Silver members will enjoy free access to London and Whipsnade Zoos and receive exclusive digital communications keeping you up to date with the latest news from the Zoos.

As well as one year of free entry to our Zoos and exclusive communications, Gold members will also enjoy:

(*) The first Hullabazoo Indoor Play session of the day (10.30-11.00) is reserved for Gold members. Spaces are limited and subject to conditions.
(**) At London Zoo, parking is free for Gold members in conjunction with Zoo visits from 10AM Monday - Friday, excl. weekends, bank holidays and school holidays.

External parking at Whipsnade Zoo is always free.

  • How much does Membership cost? 

You can save 20% if you pay by annual Direct Debit. Please find a full price overview below: 

Package Gold Silver
Direct Debit
(20% discount incl.)
Standard price Direct Debit
(20% discount incl.)
Standard price
Family 1 adult, up to 4 children £ 176.00 £ 220.00 £ 134.00 £ 167.50
Family 2 adults, up to 4 children £ 261.00 £ 326.25 £ 199.00 £ 248.75
Joint adult £ 192.00 £ 240.00 £ 146.00 £ 182.50
Adult £ 106.00 £ 132.50 £ 80.50 £ 100.63
Joint concession £ 172.80 £ 216.00 £ 131.40 £ 164.25
Concession £ 95.40 £ 119.25 £ 72.45 £ 90.56
Single Child £ 70.00 Direct Debit
£ 87.50 full price
Under 3's FREE
  • Can I mix and match Gold and Silver Membership packages for my family? 

It is not possible for members of the same household to have different levels of Membership at ZSL, in order that we can provide the best service to our members and fairly deliver on the differing benefits for our Gold and Silver members. 

  • To buy joint or family Membership, do we have to live at the same address? 

Yes, members need to be living at the same address. This is to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your Membership fee. 

  • What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows charities like us to reclaim tax from the government on your ZSL Membership through the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid enables us to claim an additional 25p for every £1 you spend, at no extra cost to you. However, Gift Aid can’t be claimed on behalf of someone else, because it’s considered a gift to the person whose Membership is paid, not to the charity. It’s possible for spouses, civil partners and other persons living together to make a ‘joint’ declaration on the same form.  

  • Do Single Child members (and under threes) get the same benefits?

Single Child members, and those under the age of three, share the same benefits as the adult member they are visiting the Zoo with that day. 

  • Can I pay for my Membership using a monthly Direct Debit?

We don’t offer to pay for Membership by monthly Direct Debit. The payment is an annual Direct Debit; payment is taken in the same month your Membership renews each year.

  • I’ve just signed up to become a member, when can I visit the Zoo?

Members can currently visit during our Zoos' opening hours without the need to pre-book.

  • How do I get my Membership card?

On your first visit to the Zoo, please present your confirmation email or letter on arrival. You will be directed to our Membership Kiosk or Desk where we will take your photo and issue you with a card. Please ensure you bring a form of photo ID with you.

  • What day does my Membership start from?

Your membership starts from the date of purchase. Gift Memberships start from the day of voucher activation.

  • Can I buy Membership as a gift?

Yes, you can find out more about Membership as a gift on our Whipsnade Zoo or London Zoo webpage, on the phone by calling 0344 225 1826 or at our Membership Desks or Kiosk at London and Whipsnade Zoos. All Gift Memberships enjoy Gold Member benefits! Please note there’s no Direct Debit payment option available for these.

  • I’ve just visited, how can I become a Member?

You can upgrade tickets purchased via ZSL and SEE Tickets (except for promotional offers) against Membership within 14 days of your visit. You can use your entry tickets to upgrade against the equivalent membership package and only pay the remaining difference.

If you have just visited one of our Zoos and would like to become a member, simply complete form for London Zoo or this form for Whipsnade Zoo call our Supporter Contact team on 0344 225 1826

  • If I come to the Zoo to visit, can I buy a Membership on arrival instead of an entry ticket?

At both London and Whipsnade Zoos, membership can be purchased at our Membership Desk, but the quickest way is to purchase membership online.

  • Who can use my Membership?

Membership is for use by the named holder only, and is not transferable under any circumstances. Any misuse of a Membership card will result in it being indefinitely confiscated with no refund. A card cannot be given away, sold or transferred. Membership card photocopies are not valid. Please ensure you bring your Membership card along for each visit, as this is your entry ticket to the Zoos.

  • I’ve lost my Membership card, can I get a new one?

We can replace your card for a charge of £5. If your card has been stolen, please contact our Supporter Contact team on 0344 225 1826 and provide us with your crime reference number and we will replace your card free of charge.

  • Can I change my Membership once it’s already started? Can I add more members?

Please call us on 0344 225 1826 and we can take a pro-rata payment to upgrade to Gold or to add new members to your Membership until it expires.

  • Can I downgrade from Gold to Silver Membership once it’s already started?

Once your Membership year is completed, should you wish to renew your Membership, you will be able to choose to continue receiving Gold-level benefits, or switch to entry-only Silver Membership.

  • My child turned 3 or 16, what do I need to do?

Please call us on 0344 225 1826 and our Supporter Contact team will add your child onto the Membership for a pro-rata rate until the expiry of the Membership. The pro-rata child rate starts on the day you add the child to the Membership until the expiry date. This might change your Membership into a family package. If your Membership is due to renew and your child has turned 3 or 16, we will amend the package to reflect that and include the new details in your renewal notification.

  • I have a disability. What Membership do I buy?

Adult members who are registered disabled are entitled to our concession Membership rates. At London Zoo, an essential carer enters free with each disabled member. At Whipsnade Zoo, each disabled member is eligible for free car entry or free carer entry. Please make sure you bring along your supporting documents that shows you require a carer on your first visit. These may include the following:

  • Disability Allowance Letter
  • PIP letter
  • Freedom pass
  • Any other appropriate supporting documentation as issued by your local authority
  • As a Gold member renewing my Membership, what do I receive?

Besides all your Gold membership benefits, upon renewing your Gold Membership on Direct Debit you'll also automatically receive two half price Zoo tickets per member to either London Zoo or Whipsnade Zoo to use within your membership year. If you have had a gap on your Membership when you restart it, it’s treated as a new Membership. Find out how to redeem your half-price zoo tickets here.

Please note, while we have social distancing measures in place and have to strictly limit the number of visitors at the Zoos, you will not be able to redeem your half price tickets during peak times. We will review this in due course, thank you for your understanding. Find out more here.

  • How can I get a discount on experiences?

Gold members, Fellows and Patrons are entitled to 10% discount on London and Whipsnade Zoo animal experiences. To access your experience discount online, simply insert the membership CRM ID of the primary member into the Offer Code box on the experience booking pages.

  • Who is the primary member on my membership? 

If the purchaser of the membership is on your membership, please input the membership CRM ID of the purchaser. You can find your membership CRM ID on your membership card – it's the up to 7-digit number on the back. Should that ID return an error message, it might not be the correct ID, in which case we’re encouraging you to try the CRM ID of other members of your membership.

  • How do I book on to a Gold Member Hullabazoo Play Session?

Gold members have exclusive access to Hullabazoo Indoor Play at Whipsnade Zoo every day from 10:30 to 11:10am. Pre-booking is required online, and tickets released one day in advance. 

  • How can I cancel my membership?

We’ll be very sad to see you go and hope that you’ll reconsider remaining a member – being part of the ZSL member community means that you’re part of a group of people who love animals, and love making a difference for them. If your Membership year is coming to an end and your mind is made up, please contact our Supporter Contact team on 0344 225 1826. 


Zoological Research
  • How do I apply to carry out a research project at London or Whipsnade Zoo? 

You need to complete the ZSL Zoological Directorate Project Application Form (PAF) and agree to the terms laid out in the ZSL Zoological Directorate Research Policy. These can all be found on the ZD research page.

  • What level research projects are accepted at the Zoos? 

We host undergraduates carrying out their BSc dissertations, MSc and PhD students, as well as professional researchers. We also work collaboratively with other zoological collections and academic institutions (eg the Natural History Museum and Royal Veterinary College). Schoolchildren or anyone at a lower level than BSc should contact the Discovery & Learning Department.

  • Can I get biological samples from the Zoos? 

It is possible to obtain biological samples from the Zoo animals subject to the terms laid out in the ZSL Zoological Directorate Research Policy. Samples could be faeces, urine, hair or blood. Research involving samples from live animals will be subject to ethical review and it must be clearly stated how the provision of samples will directly benefit the animal or species concerned.

  • Can I survey visitors at the Zoos? 

It is possible to survey visitors however, you will need to apply and provide a copy of your survey. We receive many requests so need to limit these opportunities and only relevant and high-standard research will be authorised.

  •  Are there any fees to carry out research at the Zoos? 

If you intend to visit the Zoo site(s) on multiple occasions we ask that you join the ZSL Fellowship. There are discounted rates for students and this includes access to both Zoo sites as well as other benefits.

  • Can I use the Zoo’s animal records for my research project?

ZSL holds extensive records on all animals in its care, on the Zoological Information Management System  (ZIMS). This is subject to conditions laid out in the Research Policy (see above) - these are available for use in approved research.

Animal adoptions
  • What does the purchaser receive?

The purchaser of the adoption will receive an email confirmation which should appear in their inbox shortly after the purchase has been made. If the purchaser has not received this email please contact us at so we can check whether your order has been successful.

The purchaser may choose to provide their address as the nominated delivery address. Animal Adoption packs are sent out within 1 - 2 working days.

  • What should I do if I want to adopt an animal which you no longer offer for adoption?

We would hope that even though you can not adopt your preferred animal you would still choose to support ZSL and we would encourage you to make a donation instead by visiting our donation page . Your donation will not go directly to your preferred animal but it will help us to continue the important work that ZSL does in over 50 countries around the world, as well as help towards the running costs of both ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

  • I am planning on visiting the zoo, will my adopted animal be on-show?

We hope that all of the animals in the adoption scheme are on-show everyday however we can not make any guarantees. Our animals are sometimes visited by our Veterinary team at short notice so they may be off-show or we may have some maintenance work taking place which means that their enclosure may be closed or obscured.

  • Can I purchase a corporate adoption rather than one for an individual?

The adoption packs are designed as individual gifts only. If you are interested in a corporate adoption or sponsorship of an animal, please contact George Eracleous, Head of Corporate Partnerships.

  • Any other questions about adoptions?

If you have a question which is not covered in this list, please email and we will respond as soon as we can. If your enquiry is urgent please call 0344 225 1826 or visit our ZSL Adoption Centre.

Our Zoos

For a full list of FAQs for both of our Zoos, please visit the relevant page below:

London Zoo FAQs

Whipsnade Zoo FAQs