ZSL publishes a number of publications each year, including scientific journals and books

Our scientific journals feature the latest international research in zoology and conservation science.

Our annual reports are also an opportunity to review our global impact on a yearly basis and share our achievements to our progress in shaping policy.

You can take a look at our main publications in the pages below:

    Our year in review

    ZSL Annual Reports

    Each year, ZSL review everything we do, from our impact and our achievements to our progress in shaping policy. We also share a financial summary.

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    IOZ's Journal

    Animal Conservation

    Read our Animal Conservation journal now

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    Reports on global conservation trends

    Indicators and Assessments

    View our selection of publications inspiring change

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    Spotlighting science

    Journal of Zoology

    Our journal has been spotlighting science around the world for two hundred years, and we've been listed as one of the most influential journals in biology and medicine over the last century. 

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    Publications - Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation

    Remote sensing has enormous potential as to provide information on the state of, and pressures on, biological diversity and ecosystem services.