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We're advancing understanding of wildlife through publishing high quality research papers on all aspects of zoology. Our journal has been spotlighting science around the world for two hundred years, and we've been listed as one of the most influential journals in biology and medicine over the last century. 

We're publishing ground-breaking work that is solving wildlife mysteries, uncovering the secret behaviour of olms and revealing why shrimp leave the water to walk onto land. We welcome research on animal behaviour, ecology, physiology, anatomy, developmental biology, evolution, systematics, genetics and genomics, and particularly look for work that explores the interconnectivity between these disciplines. 

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Two hundred years of science

Western lowland gorilla
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Look back at papers from the journal, from the very first volume in 1830 to today's cutting-edge scientific research.

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    Straw coloured bat hanging beneath a large leaf
    Leading research on viruses found in bats

    Understanding bats and disease

    Bats make up 22% of all mammals, and their unique immune response which enables them to remain healthy despite carrying viruses that would cause serious disease in people and other mammals.

    A common frog with its head just above the water
    Shaping wildlife conservation

    Living Planet Report

    We completed the most comprehensive scientific study of average wildlife populations to shape conservation globally

    Dormouse on a weighing scale at London Zoo, sitting in a plastic container.
    Providing essential wildlife health checks

    Wildlife Disease Risk Analysis and Health Surveillance

    Our DRAHS team provides essential wildlife health checks for conservation projects.

    Male hihi close-up black head with a white streak, and yellow streaks along body
    Bringing hihi back from the brink of extinction

    Hihi conservation

    How this tiny bird is helping reframe wildlife conservation translocation programmes globally.

    Chinese giant salamander sitting on a rock beside a stream
    Creating a new future for an ancient species

    Chinese giant salamander conservation

    Together with our partners, we completed the largest ever wildlife survey in Chinese conservation history, and discovered just 24 giant salamanders, all of which were likely escapees from farms.

    Red kite flying - identifying fork tail clearly visible
    Driving a resurgence

    Red kite conservation

    We are protecting red kites to ensure their numbers never crash again, by providing expert health surveillance and supporting reintroductions.

Science & research