Species Under Threat

  • A cheetah lying on a rock and yawning


    Cheetahs are extinct in more than 20 countries, with fewer than 8,000 remaining in the wild.

  • Pangolin in a field


    We’re leading global pangolin conservation work through our pioneering community work, anti-poaching patrols and by working with key decision makers.

  • grey reef shark with fish


    We at ZSL are experts in the field of shark research and work all over the world with our partners to study and conserve several different species.

  • Black rhino, hooked up lip can be seen which is main difference with white rhino

    Black rhino

    Reducing poaching to lead a recovery of this iconic animal - from 350 remaining individuals in Kenya to now almost 800.

  • Hazel dormouse close-up, dark circular eyes with rosy orange fur

    Hazel dormouse

    By working together with our conservation partners, we've managed to successfully reintroduce over 1,000 dormice.

  • An Amur tiger sprinting across a snowy landscape

    Amur tiger

    Amur tigers are under threat in the wild - there may be as few as 540 left in the Russian Far East.

  • european eel closeup of face
    The species are now classified as ‘Critically Endangered’

    European eel conservation

    European eels once thrived in London’s rivers but the number of young joining the adult populations has dropped dramatically since the 1980s.

  • Asiatic Lion walking in grasslands


    Male lions' manes are used to attract females, as well as protecting their neck and head from injuries during fights.

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Climate change and human activity are pushing species to the brink of extinction. Each potential loss is vital in the fight to protect species, and time is quickly running out.

We have to act now.

From lab to field, hands on and behind the scenes, we’re delivering innovative science-driven conservation - identifying species most at risk, understanding the underlying causes, and finding practical solutions that have real impact in the UK and around the world.

Together, we are making a difference. Whether it’s protecting greater one-horned rhinos from the persistent threat of poaching in the humid wetlands of Nepal, or reintroducing tiny hazel dormouse to fresh British woodland - we are building a better future for wildlife.

  • 68%
    Decline in wildlife populations since 1970
  • $23 billion a year
    The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar industry
  • >40,000
    Species are under threat of extinction according to the IUCN
  • Our progress towards restoring threatened species shows change is possible, but we cannot do it alone. By working together, we are creating routes to recovery for Bengal Tigers in Nepal, mountain chicken frogs in Montserrat, and hedgehogs across Britain. We need everyone to play their part. 

    Stand up for nature

    When we join together everything is possible. We can save animals close to extinction to shape a more balanced, vibrant and connected world.

    Through inspiring a lifelong love of animals in the conservationists of tomorrow at our zoos to pioneering solutions in the field, we have the power to make a difference. 

    Join us in our fight for the natural world. 

    As the original science-driven conservation organisation, we’re working everyday to restore wildlife in the UK and around the world. Discover more about our global conservation work.

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