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More than 40,000 species are at risk of extinction. From the world’s most trafficked wild mammal, the pangolin, to the pygmy three-toed sloth dying out as their habitat is destroyed, and so many more species, often overlooked but at risk of disappearing forever.

Urgent action is needed to save animals on the brink of extinction and those who could be next. That’s where ZSL comes in, and where you can play your part.

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Each month, we’ll update you on the successes you’ve made possible: 

  • Meet our Scientists, Vets, Keepers and Conservationists in behind-the-scenes videos showing how we’re working to save wildlife. Like this video about reintroducing dormice to UK woodlands:
  • Read interviews and stories from our conservation teams in the field. Like this story about saving the Mauritius kestrel, once the rarest bird in the world.
  • Hear about amazing work with our Conservation Hero of the Month feature or catch a glimpse of rare animals in the wild with our Caught on Camera feature.
  • Learn about the animals you know and love, as well as some you may not have heard of yet…

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As a charity, we rely on donations to help us bring unique wildlife back from the brink of extinction, through science-led conservation, alongside communities around the world.

We can, and will, find the solutions to restore the wonder and diversity of life on Earth, but we must act now.

If you're able to, please help us today, and join the fight for wildlife.

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Catch-up on the conservation success stories that our donors have seen so far and see how your support can help wildlife.

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    £5 a month for a year could...

    ...cover the cost of powering a camera trap, to monitor rare species and ensure they are effectively protected.

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    £10 a month could... towards the cost of kitting out our research labs with the specialist equipment that our scientists need to investigate wildlife diseases.

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    £15 a month could... equipment for our wildlife vets, working to save endangered animals in the UK and around the world.