Human activity across the globe is rapidly pushing nature to its limit, causing loss of biodiversity and threatening critical systems that support communities. From fewer fish in our seas due to unsustainable fishing methods to half of the UK’s butterflies at the brink of extinction due to climate change and habitat loss – it is vital that we come together and act now.


We believe that nature is best protected when people are invested in its success. We bring people closer to nature, inspiring them to cherish and care about wildlife working with individuals, communities, organisations and governments to grow understanding and support for the actions needed. 

  • 50 countries
    Have conservation programmes run by ZSL, in which we work closely with local communities
  • 9 million
    Single-use plastic items were eliminated by the #OneLess campaign over a 6 year period
  • 1,165
    Volunteers involved with the research and conservation of eels in our Thames Eel Project
  • Our projects

    • A close up image of a purple frog
      Protecting animals on the EDGE

      Animals on the EDGE of Existence

      Our EDGE of Existence programme is the only conservation programme in the world to focus on animals that are both Evolutionarily Distinct (ED) and Globally Endangered (GE).

    • Chimpanzee baby in a tree
      $23 billion a year criminal industry

      Illegal wildlife trade crisis

      The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth biggest illegal activity worldwide, behind only arms, drugs and human trafficking, and is often run by the same criminal syndicates.

    • Knepp estate four horses grazing
      Understanding impacts of long-standing UK rewilding project

      Space Observation of Knepp Estate Nature Recovery

      ZSL conservation scientists have led ground-breaking research using satellites to understand the impacts of a long-standing UK rewilding project which has seen key species and native vegetation return. 

    • Bornean orangutan in camera trap Indonesia
      Supporting sustainable palm oil

      Sustainable palm oil

      Palm oil is found in half of packaged supermarket products. We're influencing buyers and producers of palm oil, rubber and timber to act more sustainably.

    • A close up image of an African elephant captured on a camera trap
      Visit and start tagging!

      Instant Wild

      In the field and behind the scenes, ZSL is working at the cutting-edge to protect critical species and revive ecosystems. And we really need your help.

    • A fish with a plastic bottle in the ocean
      Help us protect our oceans


      The campaign to make London free of single-use plastic water bottles.

    • Grizzly bear catching salmon in a river during the salmon run
      Evidence-based conservation action

      Global biodiversity monitoring

      To recover restore wildlife, we first need to understand where it most needs our help. Our evidence-based approach enables us to target the species and ecosystems most in need of support.

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    To make change happen, we bring our science and conservation work to life in meaningful and accessible ways. Through community outreach projects such as Soapbox Science and #OneLess we raise awareness of the issues facing the planet and our conservation and science work. We encourage people to take action, demonstrating how small changes like swapping single-use plastic for reusable bottles can make a difference.

    Through our respected Institute of Zoology, we offer research training through PhD studentships and host Undergraduate and Masters level research projects as part of our own MSc courses. We know the value of inspiring the next generation of conservationists. One way we do this is through our education sessions running in the heart of each of our conservation zoos.  


    As a species, we need to rediscover our wonder for wildlife. Whether it’s taking the time to explore your local environment or visiting one of our zoos to learn about the magnificent wildlife sharing our planet, your connection with nature can start anywhere.  

    With your help we can succeed

    We can't continue this fight alone, we need you there with us. Consider supporting ZSL so we can protect species at risk and give them a chance to thrive in their natural habitats.


    Making a real difference in the world isn’t just for scientists and senior politicians. Change can come from the humblest of places, such as volunteering for nature or participating in Citizen Science projects. 

    Volunteering could mean lending your time to assist on field research projects or working at London or Whipsnade Zoos supporting staff, helping visitors enjoy their day and providing excellent customer service.

    Learn more about our volunteering opportunities here

    Citizen Science could be as straightforward as submitting sightings of marine animals in the Thames to help our scientists better understand where they are and what they are doing. 

    Or it could be contributing your time to listen to, and classify, the sounds wild sea birds make at sea. With people-power behind them, citizen science projects can be a cost-effective and high-impact way of gathering broad and detailed information to help protect nature. Working together on projects like this brings us all a little bit closer to each other, and to nature. 

    Learn more about our Citizen Science projects here


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