Microbiology Technician
Wildlife epidemiology
Molecular techniques
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Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park
United Kingdom

Shinto works in the pathology department of the Institute of Zoology and wildlife health services (WHS).

Shinto's work consists of the collection, isolation and identification of micro-organisms, with antibiograms from both the clinical and post-mortem examination specimens from various different Wildlife Epidemiology projects and assisting in post-mortem examination of garden wildlife health (GWH) (garden birds, amphibians, reptiles and hedgehogs). This includes maintaining isolation and identification techniques for GWH project in conjunction with the RSPB, principally at present isolating and identifying Trichomonas sp.

Shinto is also involved with conducting isolation and identification techniques for the Marine Mammal Project (CSIP), brought about to monitor disease in cetaceans, pinnipeds. sharks & turtles around the United Kingdom; the microbiology and parasitology for various Amphibian projects; and screening of captive exotic animals in quarantine and from within the collections at London Zoo and Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.

Shinto undertakes comparative studies of microflora in wild-caught, as opposed to captive-bred animals, with species ranging from invertebrates to primates. He is involved with all reintroduction projects for DRAHS, including screening, clinical & post-mortem examination samples of endangered indigenous British species e.g. Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), Corncrake (Crex crex), Red kite (Milvus milvus), Beaver (Castor sp.) Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca sp.), Eurasian curlew (Numenius arquata sp.) and Common dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius). His additional responsibilities involve assisting with collection and processing of various samples from post-mortem examination of GWS, including DNA extraction, PCR running, and results reporting.

Shinto is involved with the management of GWH frozen, formalin and parasite sample archives and the sorting of these sample archives in-order to maintain these archives up-to-date, and produces a monthly review of significant microbiology isolates and parasite archives collected as part of the GWH.

In addition, Shinto provides technical assistance to several MSc/PhD students, and helps various students and others to review papers and posters for publication.

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Professional history

28.8 years experience, including four years diagnostic investigation studies and eighteen and a half years research and diagnostic investigation studies.

June 2005-present: Microbiology technician at Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

August 1998-April 2005: Laboratory Technician at the Fahad bin Sultan Falcon Center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

September 1995-July 1998: Laboratory Technician at the Cardio- Thoracic Science Center Blood Bank in the All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi, India. 

September 1994-August 1995: Laboratory Technician at the Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi, India. 


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