Postdoctoral Research Associate
Small population recovery
Conservation/Evolutionary genetics
Population ecology
Wildlife health
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Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London

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Amanda’s research focuses on small population recovery, with a particular focus on Extinct in the Wild species.

Amanda's work also looks at other species where ex-situ management (i.e. under human care) is an important part of their conservation strategy. Amanda’s current research aims to aid recovery efforts for the Extinct in the Wild sihek (Guam kingfisher) by determining how individual health can influence population processes for the ex-situ population, and what this means for species conservation and individual welfare. As part of this project, Amanda collaborates with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Guam’s Department of Agriculture, as well as the Disease Risk Analysis and Health Surveillance (DRAHS) team at ZSL and the Royal Veterinary College.

Amanda also has research interests in the changes populations of wild species undergo when they have been at small population size and/or maintained ex-situ and what this may mean for these species’ recovery potential.

Professional history

August 2021-present: Morris Animal Foundation Research Fellowship, Institute of Zoology, ZSL
March 2019-August 2021: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Institute of Zoology, ZSL
February 2018-March 2019: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Aberdeen
April 2017-February 2018: Research Ecologist, British Trust for Ornithology
October 2016-April 2017: Data technician, Scottish Chough Study Group, University of Aberdeen

2012-2016: PhD Biological Science – “Conservation genetics and demographics of red-billed chough in Scotland”, University of Aberdeen
2009-2010: MRes Ecology, Bangor University
2006-2009: BSc Biology, Cardiff University


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