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By developing predictive ecological models to understand the complexity of the challenge ahead, we are driving forward towards a world where wildlife thrives. 

To recover restore wildlife, we first need to understand where it most needs our help. Sophie's research projects on monitoring global biodiversity and evaluating underrepresented species’ extinction risks generate the evidence basis from which we can explore trends and patterns in threat and recovery processes, and in doing so, best inform conservation actions and policy decisions.

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Professional history

2021-present: PGRA, Institute of Zoology (IoZ), managing Red List (global, sampled and national) research projects
2020-2021: Living Planet Report Fellow, IoZ
2018-2020: Conservation Programme Manager and country engagement lead for Angola, Stop Ivory and the Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation (EPIF)
2017-2018: Researcher, Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew and Administration and Project Assistant, Stop Ivory
2016-2017: PGRA, ZSL, IoZ, Sampled Red List and National Red List Projects
2014-2016: Digitisation officer, Core Research Laboratories, Natural History Museum, London (NHM); Researcher, NHM, University of Cambridge and Tokyo Institute of Technology; Research assistant, Systematics of Euptychiina Project, NHM and University of Florida
2013-2014: Volunteer curatorial assistant in the Lepidoptera collections, NHM
2012-2013: Volunteer Research assistant at ZSL, IOZ, Sampled Red List and National Red List Projects
2009-2011: Field ecologist, Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) and MbyRes in Wildlife Disease Management, University of Exeter
2008-2009: MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity, University of Exeter
2004-2007: BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Bristol


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