IoZ Staff and PhD Students

Institute of Zoology staff photo 2016
Director of Science

Research Theme Leaders



Joint ZSL and University College London Staff


Senior Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Postgraduate Research Assistants

Technicians/Science Support

  • Dada Gottelli (Chief Technician)
  • Kevin Hopkins (Senior Technician)
  • Matthew Perkins (Senior Technician)
  • Chris Sergeant (Animal Technician)
  • Robert Deaville (Cetacean Strandings Project Manager)
  • Kelly Astley
  • Lola Brookes 
  • Seth Jackson
  • Inez Januszczak
  • Shinto John
  • William Leung
  • Harry Owen
  • Celia Serrano
  • Louise Wong

Project Coordinators & Assistants

  • Becky Shu Chen (Chinese Giant Salamander Project Coordinator)
  • Rosemary Groom (RWCP - Southern Africa Coordinator)
  • Audrey Ipavec (RWCP - Northern, Western and Central Africa Coordinator)
  • Heidi Ma (Hainan Gibbon Conservation Programme Coordinator)
  • Nicholas Mitchell (RWCP - Lead Coordinator and Eastern Africa Coordinator)


  • Cheryl Buffonge (Science Operations Manager)
  • Amrit Dehal (Information Systems Administrator)
  • Jo Keogh (Assistant to the Director of Science)
  • Lynne Rushton (Health & Safety Administrator)
  • Alexandra Thomas (MSc Administrator)
  • Isla Watton (Soapbox Science Coordinator)

UK PhD Students

Overseas PhD Students

RVC/ZSL Senior Clinical Training Scholar

  • Helle Bernstorf Hydeskov

Honorary Research Fellows

  • Dr Sarah Ball


In Memoriam