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Skellig Michael Puffins

Over the last few centuries the landscape of the UK and much of mainland Europe has altered dramatically.

Much of the once wild landscape has been irreversibly altered as land-use changes associated with increased agriculture and urbanisation have spread throughout the region.

However, despite these changes there remains a great deal of biodiversity in the region, and there is a great need to conserve this highly important wildlife.

Conserving the habitats and species of the region requires some novel approaches to some unique conservation challenges.

ZSL’s work in the UK and Mainland Europe includes the implementation of biodiversity action plans through habitat creation and management, disease-surveillance, Species Recovery Plans, which include conservation breeding and reintroduction, and ‘Citizen Science’ in the which the general public play a key role in providing information for, and remedies to, some of the threats to the native species of the region.

Porpoise Thames

ZSL coordinates three projects to better understand marine mammals

Wrasse Thames fish

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angel shark on sand

ZSL is working to protect this Critically Endangered shark.

Skellig Michael Puffins

ZSL works to protect iconic and threatened bird species.

Turkish killifish (Aphanius transgrediens)

Fish Net is trying to save fish species on the brink of extinction.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo downs SSI White Lion overlooking Bedfordshire

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Mitten Crab Thames Invasive Species

Monitoring invasive non-native species in the River Thames.

Fen raft spider

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Citizen science volunteers being trained in the RMI sampling method on the River Crane

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A smelt being measured

The smelt is a small predatory fish that smells distinctively of cucumber...

Harbour Seal in the Thames

ZSL is working to better understand seal populations in the Thames Estuary...

Thames Eel (European Eel) in bucket

ZSL has been working to conserve the declining European eel population for...