Monitoring and Technology

Instant Wild - conservation at your fingertips

At ZSL we are working to develop and apply innovative technology to enhance the work of our conservationists and scientists. 

From Machine Learning to the Internet of Things revolution, emerging technologies are transforming every aspect of our daily lives and ZSL is at the forefront of applying technology to improve our conservation impact.

Our technical solutions are developed by working closely with our teams in the field to understand their needs. Then working with partners to fulfil these from the ground up, experimenting with breakthrough technology, building pilot products and scaling successful solutions. We take a collaborative approach, bringing together business leaders, academics, investors and technology companies; bridging the gap to co-create game-changing solutions for global challenges.

Instant Wild - conservation at your fingertips

The free app that puts conservation at your fingertips.

Instant Detect 2.0 System Devices

Instant Detect 2.0 is a wildlife, environment and threat monitoring system...

Gir Forest rangers users SMART technology

Software to help improve the effectiveness of site-based conservation work...

machine Learning is being explored as a way of helping conservationists process wildlife images

Working with Google to make AI accessible to conservation.

Illegal Fishing Detection expedition

Underwater acoustics to detect illegal fishing in marine protected areas....

Team Lookout working at Zoohackathon

Bringing coders, creatives and experts together to innovate for conservation...

Elephant Group Camera Trap Image

Tools and techniques to monitor biodiversity and the environment.

Mataki Tags

Innovative, open-source systems to better understand wildlife behaviour.

Sea Turtle Tagging in Principe

Co-designing sea turtle tags on Principe Island.

Instant Wild Kenya camera trap trial.

ZSL is developing a proprietary state of the art camera-trap tool to help...

Red-kneed tarantula

Minute technology has long been a staple of spy movies and futuristic...

two chimpanzees

ZSL monitoring & technology programme manager Dr. Anthony Dancer reveals...