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In the field and behind the scenes, ZSL is working at the cutting-edge to protect critical species and revive ecosystems. And we really need your help.

What is Instant Wild?

You can play your part and support our vital conservation work from your smartphone! With ZSL’s Instant Wild app, we bring you images and videos from camera traps around the world. All you need to do is identify the species that you spot, which will help us to track key information on threatened wildlife and their ecosystems, from the size of animal populations to evidence of wildlife crime. 

Instant Wild was the first citizen science project to deliver live imagery, collecting camera trap photos of wildlife and sending them to the public in real-time. Originally launched online in 2011, Instant Wild has a devoted community of users tracking the status of the world’s species and ecosystems. 

Visit or download for free from the iOS or Android app stores. 

A photo of a rhino captured on a camera trap

What’s next for Instant Wild?

Instant Wild 2.0 will be integrated within education and learning platforms and we will investigate how it can play a role within the Machine Learning image processing ecosystems.

So whether it’s monitoring elephant movements while you’re on the train, or spotting sightings of Critically Endangered leopards over breakfast, Instant Wild brings you closer to nature.  

Why not try it for yourself. By working together we can save animals on the brink of extinction. 

Three images of smartphones showing the Instant Wild App
Support our conservation work

Visit or download for free from the iOS or Android app stores.

  • 5,000
    Instant Wild has a devoted community of over 5,000 users making millions of identifications
  • We're using breakthrough technology to protect endangered animals around the world.
    Find out how
    • An Instant Detect 2.0 Base Station, Camera and Sensor Endpoint with a metal triggered sensor.
      Our transformative conservation tech

      Instant Detect 2.0

      Instant Detect 2.0 is a wildlife, environment and threat monitoring system designed by conservationists for conservationists.

    • Conservationists pplying Smart tool
      Conservation tech

      SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool)

      Our SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) approach is a combination of software, training materials and patrolling standards to help conservation managers monitor animals, identify threats and make patrols more effective.

    • A group of conservationists tag a sea turtle on a beach
      Safeguarding sea turtles

      Sea Turtle Tagging

      Developing and applying innovative technology to protect species around the world. 

    • Camera trap image of leopard sniffing baited scent station in Thailand
      Camera trap data management and analysis package

      Camera trap software

      Camera-trap surveys resulting in overwhelming amounts of data, but we are introducing software make conservation more efficient.

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