Conservation Technology

Camera trap test in Antartica

Develop and use technological tools to quickly increase conservation capabilities around the world, focusing on real-time monitoring, wildlife surveillance and public engagement.

With global biodiversity in rapid decline and a growing number of species on the brink of extinction, advances in technology are becoming ever more important in helping us to solve these conservation challenges. ZSL is working with a range of expert partners to develop innovative and integrated technological tools that will revolutionise wildlife surveillance and biodiversity monitoring. Through using technology we can more efficiently and effectively collect, process and analyse data at different spatial and temporal scales. This in turn can better enable us to identify threats, develop mitigation strategies and test their effectiveness. 

Instant Wild brings live photos of wild animals directly to smartphones.
Chimpanzee on camera trap with baby

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Gir Forest rangers users SMART technology

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Instant Wild Kenya camera trap trial.

Advanced satellite-enabled camera trap system

Penguin Antarctica

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iBats aims to generate data on changes in bat species distributions and abundanc
Meerkat on lookout

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Mataki tags with size comparisson next to coins, pigeon and circuit

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