Climate crisis impact on wildlife

The climate crisis is pushing our precious planet to its limit – from coral reef devastation to whole forests destroyed by wildfires. We are seeing the scale of the climate crisis first hand as we work on conservation projects across the world. 

Extreme heat, floods and wildfires are already destroying the lives of the most vulnerable and pushing species to the brink of extinction. We need urgent action now to protect people and wildlife. 

At ZSL we are leading studies on biodiversity to drive policy change and raise crucial awareness for the importance of what is at stake. Our scientific research on nature-based solutions is building a new framework to tackle the biodiversity and climate crisis' together. 

We are pushing for radical rewilding of our urban areas to restore wildlife and to fight back against climate change. At recent COP summits we challenged politicians to put nature at the heart of decision making, and through our conservation zoos, we are educating people about the impact of climate change. While our SPOTT platform is playing a crucial role in guiding the palm oil, rubber, and timber industries towards sustainability. 

Together we have the power to make a difference. We all need to become conservationists for living world, whether through eating sustainably, holding corporates to account or calling on politicians to put nature at the heart of decision making.  

Tackling the climate crisis