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Get a behind-the-scenes look at conservation in action, in our Tiny Giants exhibit

The International Partula Conservation Programme has been co-ordinated by ZSL since 1994 involves a managed breeding programme for 25 species of partula snail in 15 zoos worldwide, together with extensive work in the species natural range areas with local conservationists and government agencies.

London Zoo Partula snails being prepared for transport
London Zoo Partula snails being prepared for transport

Take a glimpse into the working breeding labs with our viewing window, inside our Tiny Giants exhibit. This is a working lab, so you may be lucky enough to see some of our passionate experts at work, doing everything they can to save the species.

Partula snails bred at ZSL London Zoo

Critically Endangered tree snails are being reared as part of a vital breeding and reintroduction programme to save the species from extinction. Snails bred at London Zoo are released on the islands of French Polynesia - after invasive predators drove the species to extinction in the 1960s.

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