ZSL at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018

ZSL scientists took part in the Royal Society’s free annual science festival in the summer of 2018.

Showcasing some of the best research being carried out across the UK, the annual exhibition gives public and school audiences the opportunity to talk directly to scientists about their discoveries and take part in hands-on activities and demonstrations.   

For some of the world’s richest environments, we have very little information about the status and trends of the species that live there. Our research, within the Institute of Zoology at ZSL, seeks to develop and exploit novel technologies to monitor and understand the status and behaviour of animals around the world. 


Technologies like specially adapted cameras, tracking devices and camera traps are helping us to reveal the richness and complexity of these habitats and to determine how environmental change is impacting wildlife in these environments. 

Using these technologies to understand how biodiversity and behaviour is changing in response to human impacts will enable us to design and implement conservation measures to protect and conserve species around the world.


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An ocelot photographed by a camera trap in Panama

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The research vessel Paamiut navigates through icebergs in Disko Bay, west Greenland

Discover more about our staff who were on the stand: 

David Jacoby Michael Williamson
Alexandros Kellaris Louise McRae
Stephen Long Valentina Marconi
David Curnick Sahil Nijhawan
Helen Muller Marcus Rowcliffe
Chris Carbone  Monika Bohm
Chris Yesson Stefanie Deinet
Robin Freeman  


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