4 August 2023

Our conservations are working around the world to uphold the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and put wildlife at the heart of the big decisions made by governments on climate change. As a member of ZSL, here are 6 ways you’re helping to save the world by supporting us!

1. Gadgets for Good

Our tech experts are working with Google to fight against the illegal wildlife trade. Recent inventions include thermal cameras that can automatically detect elephants, and acoustic sensors that recognise gunfire. Find out more.

camera trap being attached to a tree

2. Tigers and Rhinos on the rise 

We’ve been working with the Nepali government and indigenous communities to protect Bengal tigers and greater one-horned rhinos for over two decades. And it’s a roaring success – recent population counts show both tigers and rhinos are on the up! Find out more.

Tiger walkiing in a river

3. Rallying for Rangers

We’re a founding partner of the Universal Ranger Support Alliance, a group calling for support of the men and women on the front line of wildlife protection. We also support rangers in Kenya, Benin, Mongolia, and Cameroon. Find out more.

Female ranger smiling
© Rohit Singh/WWF

4. Coral Champions

We are working in the Chagos Archipelago to protect one of the world’s largest coral reefs and learn more about its inhabitants, like reef sharks. At London Zoo, we’ve just opened a new coral reef zone to protect rare species of coral. Find out more.

corals chago

5. The Magic of Mangroves

We work with fishing communities in Mozambique and the Philippines to plant new mangrove forests. Mangroves provide safe nurseries for young fish, protect communities from ocean storms and are fantastic at sucking up carbon – win-win! Find out more.

Man planting mangrove sapling in the Philippines

6. Saving the Superheroes

We’re reintroducing native oyster species up and down the UK coastline after their numbers fell to just 5%. They might be humble, but oysters are superheroes. Each one filters 200 litres of water per day – imagine what restoring whole oyster reefs could do for our oceans! Find out more.

Close up photograph of native oysters in a small wooden box

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