Helping people and wildlife live better together

We're ZSL - an international conservation charity driven by science, working to restore wildlife in the UK and around the world by protecting critical species, restoring ecosystems, helping people and wildlife live together and inspiring support for nature. 

We’ve been building stronger connections to wildlife for 200 years. Through our leading Zoos, our innovative conservation work in the field and through the Institute of Zoology, a centre of research excellence, we are passionate advocates for nature and won't stop until we have created a world where wildlife thrives.

Fighting for our world

Stand up for nature

Climate change and human activity have pushed our precious planet to its limit causing devastating habitat and species loss. When nature loses, we all do.

Urgent action to help people and wildlife live better together, is the only way to save the natural world we love and depend upon. We believe nature can recover - that’s where ZSL comes in, and where you can play your part.


Making a difference for wildlife

Together we have the power to restore wildlife globally. We are collaborating with communities, conservationists and scientists across the world to make a meaningful impact for wildlife everywhere. Our insight and evidence-based approach achieves positive change and powers sustainable solutions that work for wildlife, people and the planet.

Together for wildlife

We believe nature can recover but right now it needs our support. Together, we can restore wildlife - join us in our fight to save our natural world.


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Every purchase through the online shop directly supports ZSL. You help to fund our science and conservation projects and allow us to look after the animals in our care at our conservation Zoos.

Join the fight for wildlife
Whether it's rescuing pangolins from the clutches of the illegal wildlife trade or replanting over one million mangrove trees, stay up to date with our progress restoring wildlife globally.