Forest conservation

Forests are biodiversity hotspots and some of our planet’s most incredible places. They are home to 80 percent of amphibian species, 75 percent of bird species and 68 percent of mammal species. Forests support life everywhere, providing livelihoods to over 300 million people and helping tackle climate change through keeping the world at least half a degree cooler. By protecting forests, we protect our future. 

We have already lost enough forest to cover the whole of the United States since 1900. This is having a massive impact on forest species across the globe. Species like the pygmy three-toed sloth in Panama, Hainan gibbon in China and Bengal tigers in Nepal, are all being pushed to the limit by deforestation. The pressure on our forest species is growing, and now more than ever, life needs our support. 

Together we can make a difference, our restoration projects in South Sumatra are protecting 440,000 hectares of forest, we have replanted over 1 million mangrove trees in the Philippines and we are protecting species that are most at risk. Through working to save forest animals close to extinction and recovering their precious ecosystems, we will shape a more balanced, vibrant and connected world.

    male gibbon in a tree
    The world’s rarest primate

    Hainan gibbon conservation

    The Hainan gibbon is the rarest primate and possibly the rarest mammal species. There's been a severe decline in numbers due to habitat loss and hunting.

    Asiatic lion male lying down in wild at a chickpea field

    Protecting Asiatic lions in the Gir Forest

    There are approximately 600 Asiatic lions left in the Gir Forest of Western India, their last remaining natural habitat.

    A forest elephant in it's forest habitat
    Forest Elephants Are Critically Endangered

    Forest elephant conservation

    ZSL anti-poaching patrol in Dja reserve Cameroon
    Protecting a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Dja Faunal Reserve

    Empowering local people to protect their home and the wildlife they live alongside.

    Palm oil plantation spreading endlessly.
    Toolkit for sustainability

    SPOTT platform

    We're influencing buyers and producers of palm oil, rubber and timber to act more sustainably.