At ZSL, we offer a range of exciting research projects for both undergraduates and postgraduates:

  • Third year undergraduates: Institute of Zoology, ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
  • MSc or MRes level students: Institute of Zoology only

Guidelines for finding a Masters and Undergraduate Research and Volunteer Research Project at IoZ

We take on a number of students each year for short term research projects, either from independent individuals who are looking for research experience (research volunteers) or from those enrolled in a course where the research is being carried out to meet requirements for course work. The basic requirements for these positions parallel (but at a lower level) those for PhDs (see below).

It is important that you have a good academic record, interest in a particular IoZ research project and that you have financial support for your research and accommodation whilst in London.

It is also important that applicants have sufficient time to conduct the research. Very short term commitments are less likely to get a response, because of the amount of time required to get the student settled and trained.

Interested parties should approach the relevant IoZ staff member(s) directly, by email, stating their research interests, duration of availability and accompanied by a CV.

If the research project is part of a University degree, please indicate the requirements of the University and what level of feedback is required from IoZ staff in terms of marking and grading the project reports.

Make clear also, whether your college/university provides funds for your research at the IoZ.

Behavioural observations on the group of Asian elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Stephanie Jayson ECZM ZHM resident


  • Students must already be enrolled on a university course and each student must have an academic supervisor for the project in their home university. However, IoZ staff will normally act as an additional academic supervisor on the project. LZ and WWAP staff are prepared to offer help and advice but cannot act as academic supervisor.
  • Students must undertake to adhere to strict health and safety rules while a visitor at ZSL. Health and safety training will be given where required.
  • ZSL cannot reimburse accommodation costs or travel costs to/from ZSL to the student. Funding for consumables, equipment and necessary travel within short term projects will often be contributed by ZSL. However, for longer term projects (e.g. at Masters level) additional funding may be required from the home university.
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