The problems facing wildlife affect all of us, so ZSL has collaborated with a number of organisations to create conservation programs that YOU, the public, can also get stuck into!

From spotting wildlife in the garden to full on citizen science projects, we ask the general public to engage with the world of conservation.

Have a look at the current conservation projects below, and see how you can help by donating, volunteering, recording observations, pledging your support, or just finding out about our work.

    A fish with a plastic bottle in the ocean
    Help us protect our oceans


    The campaign to make London free of single-use plastic water bottles.

    A group of citizen scientist volunteers in a river
    Join us in our vital conservation work

    Volunteer for London's Rivers

    The River Thames and its tributaries are home to a diverse array of wildlife, and ZSL is working to conserve and enhance this ecosystem. Join us today.

    a group of seals seen during our aerial surveys in the Greater Thames estuary.
    Protecting harbour and grey seal populations in the Thames

    Thames Marine Mammal Conservation

    ZSL has been monitoring marine mammals in the Tidal Thames since the early 2000s, to better understand and conserve species such as grey seals, harbour seals and porpoises.

    Northwest African Cheetah
    Help wildlife with a donation

    Donate to ZSL

    Please give what you can

    Sperm whale in the Wash
    Understanding strandings

    UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP)

    The Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) coordinates the investigation of all cetaceans, marine turtles and basking sharks that strand around the UK coastline. 

    Protecting British Wildlife

    Garden Wildlife Health

    Through this collaborative project, Garden Wildlife Health is safeguarding the health of British wildlife.

    Tropical fish and corals
    Our oceans are in crisis - how can you help?

    Help protect our marine life

    A recent report shows more than half of the planet Earth's marine species may stand on the brink of extinction by 2100. Find out how ZSL is helping, and how you can too.

    A close up image of an African elephant captured on a camera trap
    Become a conservationist for free - from the comfort of home

    Instant Wild puts conservation in your hands

    Help our conservationists to identify the species in the camera trap images – no expertise needed! Ditch the doom-scrolling and do something more meaningful today.