We have a stunning homeware collection with nature-lover and homeware designer Sophie Allport available in our online shop. 

Created by nature-lover and designer Sophie Allport in celebration of ZSL’s work protecting African wildlife, this collection features striking designs that highlight the beauty of wildlife and the importance of protecting it. The range includes unique and stylish gifts and items for your home. Every purchase will help our vital work to protect the world’s most iconic species.

Zebra tea towels and oven gloves displayed on an aga

Why are animals in the African savannah under threat?

Extending across thousands of square miles, the African savannah is a crucial habitat to some of the largest remaining numbers of Africa’s animals and is home to the world’s largest remaining population of African elephants. Savannah elephants are the largest subspecies of elephant, but they face serious threats, causing their numbers to fall rapidly in many parts of Africa.

Habitat loss and fragmentation, and conflict with people are affecting iconic species across Africa. Elephants are targeted by poachers for their tusks and cheetahs for their skins and as pets, which enter the illegal wildlife trade.

A close up image of an African elephant captured on a camera trap

How is ZSL working to protect African animals?

At ZSL, we’re working to tackle these threats and protect African wildlife across priority landscapes by:

  • Engaging local communities in conservation and encouraging sustainable use of resources
  • Fostering relationships with the private sector to encourage environmentally-friendly practices
  • Training rangers, providing equipment and technical support 
  • Working with local wildlife authorities to improve law enforcement and patrols

By making a purchase in our online shop, or supporting us in another way, you're helping us to protect critical species and restore healthy ecosystems. 

Through sales generated by Sophie Allport from 'ZSL' products in the ZSL (Zoological Society of London) collection, 5% of net sales with a minimum of £40,000 each year will be given to ZSL

Learn more about our conservation work in Africa

Animals of the Savannah
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