The future of biodiversity conservation: different dimensions of conservation thinking

In light of the current COVID-19 situation in the UK, we are very sorry to announce that this event has been postponed.



We hope to still host this event in the next programme of Science and Conservation events so please keep an eye on this page for updates.

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Find out where you sit on the conservation spectrum!

As global biodiversity loss continues at an alarming rate, the conservation movement has never been so important. Yet it is also diverse, with a variety of ideas shaping its framing, purpose and application. Elements such as protected areas, biodiversity impact bonds, traditional knowledge, scientific evidence and human development, all come together to form modern practice. Thanks to a survey of nearly 10,000 conservationists from around the world, we are beginning to understand the full range of perspectives that are shaping today’s conservation landscape and its future. At this event, we explore some of the different dimensions of conservation: people-centred conservation, science-led ecocentrism and conservation through capitalism. We will hear examples of where these different approaches are being applied, and how they interact. As biodiversity loss continues, working together and learning from different methods and disciplines will be key to successful conservation outcomes. Join us to learn about global perspectives and get inside the minds of some of the top conservationists working from different approaches. This is an opportunity to hear real-life conservation stories and find out where you sit on the conservation spectrum!


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