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19 September 2023 7:00am -
8 May 2024 7:00am

In collaboration with Gillie and Marc the esteemed London Bridge City, we are thrilled to present the immersive exhibition, "A Wild Life For Wildlife," in the heart of London.

This captivating exhibition will bring together art, conservation, and public engagement to raise awareness and support for endangered species.

The natural world, with its animals, forests, and lakes, provides us with unparalleled joy and wonder. However, the current reality of the 6th mass extinction is alarming, as more and more beautiful creatures face the threat of extinction, primarily due to human activities. "A Wild Life For Wildlife" aims to shine a spotlight on these critical issues and empower individuals to take action before it's too late.

Set against the stunning backdrop of London Bridge City, this exhibition will transform the heart of the city into a haven for wildlife conservation, reaching over 10 million visitors annually.

The exhibition invites the public to become an integral part of the journey with endangered animals through interactive sculptures and engaging experiences. By taking a seat on a tandem bike, joining a game of chess, or throwing a ball in a pool, visitors can connect with the stories of these imperilled species. Each sculpture is accompanied by QR codes that transport viewers to important information about the animals' lives, needs, and threats, providing a deeper understanding of the urgent need for their conservation.

"We believe that wildlife conservation should no longer be confined to the outskirts of society but should take centre stage in our cities and lives," said Gillie. "With 'A Wild Life For Wildlife,' we aim to create an accessible and immersive experience that ignites a sense of responsibility and encourages individuals to be part of the solution. By uniting art, conservation, and public engagement, we can inspire positive change for endangered species."

The exhibition is part of the broader 'Love The Last' project, a social movement driven by public art to raise awareness, funds, and support for endangered animals worldwide. It serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action, inspiring people to share the stories of these endangered species through the hashtag #LoveTheLast.

This exhibit presents a significant opportunity to raise funds for international science and our conservation charity and support our vital work protecting species across the world.

"We are honoured to collaborate with ZSL and Gillie and Marc for 'A Wild Life For Wildlife'," said Marc. "Their tireless dedication to preserving endangered species aligns perfectly with our mission to raise awareness through art. Together, we can make a significant impact in safeguarding the biodiversity of our planet and inspiring future generations to become stewards of our natural world."

The "A Wild Life For Wildlife" exhibition, hosted at London Bridge City, will serve as a powerful platform to raise awareness, inspire action, and celebrate the beauty of endangered species. It provides a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts, conservationists, and the public to unite in support of wildlife preservation.

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