Symposium: Ecological connectivity across temperate coastal habitats – moving towards seascape scale restoration

22 Nov - 23 Nov 2022

Coastal and estuarine habitats in Europe have been decimated over the last 200 years. In England, we have lost 85% of our saltmarsh, extirpated seagrass from 50% of our coastal waterbodies and removed 95% of our oyster habitat. Yet these habitats are some of the most important for carbon-storing and other provisioning services such as fisheries, improving water quality, and coastal defences, which Nature based Solutions so depend on.

An increasing evidence base illustrates the critical value of these coastal habitats individually. In this UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the number and scale of restoration efforts is increasing and now is the time to reflect on the potential of the seascape to deliver for nature and people at a large scale. The role of habitats as part of a dynamic and resilient system is beginning to be understood, and with the Decade on Ecological Restoration and the Ocean Decade both underway, now is the time to reflect on what seascape connectivity could mean and what can be achieved in the longer term. Symposium sessions will focus on ecological connectivity, climate mitigation, resilience, restoration potential and benefits of restoration of threatened coastal habitats.

This two-day symposium will provide a comprehensive review of the current state of science surrounding habitat connectivity in temperate coastal systems and provide a firm basis for discussion and networking relating to the policy and practical importance of this understanding.




Event Information

  • This will be a two-day symposium, held in person at the at ZSL in London, UK. 
  • Registration is required, and ticket prices will range from:
    • 2-day full price: £160
    • 2-day concession: £80
    • 1-day full price: £100
    • 1-day concession: £50
  • We want our events to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so there will be a limited number of bursaries available.
  • Registration is not yet open for this event. Further information on ticket registration and a full list of speakers will be announced here in due course.
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Logos of partners for this symposium: Zoological Society of London, University of Portsmouth, University of Edinburgh and EU Life

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