Agasse paintings raise vital funds for ZSL’s conservation work

Paintings by renowned Swiss animal and landscape artist Jacque-Laurent Agasse have raised £860,000 for ZSL’s conservation work after being sold by auction at Christie’s.

Agasse painting 'Lion and a Lioness in a Rocky Valley’
'Lion and a Lioness in a Rocky Valley’

A total of four paintings belonging to the wildlife conservation charity are being sold to help raise funds for ZSL’s global conservation work.

The first two, ‘Lion and a Lioness in a Rocky Valley’ and ‘Bengal Tigers in a Savannah Landscape with a Man in a Tree’ were sold on 30 June, fetching £300,000 each.

The final two paintings ‘Giraffes with Impala in a Landscape’ and ‘Elk in a River Landscape’ were sold on 8 July, fetching £210,000 and £50,000 respectively.

Commissioned in the 1820s by Edward Cross, a dealer in exotic animals, the painting were passed down through his family and they were bequeathed to ZSL in 1950 by Mrs F.E.Emerson.

ZSL’s Development Director James Wren said: “ZSL has been privileged to be home to a number of wonderful pieces of art. Money raised from the sale of these pieces will help us continue our efforts to conserve and protect some of the most endangered animals in the world, such as the Sumatran tiger of which only 300 remain in the wild.”

ZSL runs wildlife conservation projects in more than 50 countries around the world to protect endangered species and their habitats. 

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