15 January 2024

Former Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity Director of Fundraising Catherine Hart to joins our leadership team

We're announcing the appointment of Catherine Hart as our new Director of Development. Ms Hart brings years of fundraising expertise and experience to the role and will help steer us through our landmark 200th anniversary.

A highly regarded fundraising professional, Ms Hart has worked for globally recognised charities, including UCL, Cancer Research UK, and most recently as Director of Fundraising at Guy’s and St Thomas’ where she led on the development and delivery of the first dedicated fundraising strategy for the three charities of the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust and the launch of a four-year, £70 million fundraising strategy.  

In her role as Director of Development with us,  Ms Hart will bring over 17 years' experience to support our conservation mission.

Ms Hart said: “I am thrilled to be joining ZSL at such a pivotal point in its journey. The work of ZSL has never been more vital. With ambitious plans on the horizon, I’m looking forward to getting started in my new role, working together with the extraordinary team at ZSL and its supporters to make a greater impact on the world's wildlife.”

Catherine Hart, ZSL Director of Development

Our CEO Matthew Gould said: “ZSL is an international conservation charity driven by science, committed to the restoration of wildlife in the UK and around the world. In a world where wildlife is facing huge challenges, our work, from studying baboons in Namibia to reintroducing oysters to UK waters, has never been more vital.

“It’s more important than ever that we can inspire people to support us, so that we can step up our efforts to restore nature.”

Our President Sir Jim Smith added: “We are very excited about the appointment of Catherine Hart as the next Director of Development at ZSL.  

“The challenges faced by the world cannot be underestimated. We are losing biodiversity at an alarming pace. ZSL is in a unique position to make a real difference – fundraising is vital to support our scientific research and conservation, and our work connecting people with nature.”  

Ms Hart takes over from interim Director of Development, Meredith Hunter.  


Our global impact

  • Pangolin standing in a savannah habitat
    Pangolin conservation

    Pangolin conservation

    Pangolins are the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world, and some species are on the brink of extinction.

  • Female Hainan gibbon with infant
    The world’s rarest primate

    Hainan gibbon conservation

    The Hainan gibbon is the rarest primate and possibly the rarest mammal species. There's been a severe decline in numbers due to habitat loss and hunting.

  • Mauritius kestrel in tree
    One of the most successful bird recoveries in the world

    Mauritius kestrel conservation

    The Mauritius Kestrel once looked destined for extinction, with just 4 remaining individuals. But we are building an exciting route to recovery.

  • Pygmy hippo at London Zoo
    Protecting pygmy hippos

    Pygmy hippo conservation

    Our work has helped to protect the 2,000-2,500 remaining individual pygmy hippos, an Endangered and Evolutionarily Distinct Species. 

  •  pygmy three-toed sloth on a rock
    The world's smallest sloth species

    Pygmy three-toed sloth conservation

    A team of conservationists from ZSL are surveying these sloths to build the first picture of how these little-known animals are faring in their natural habitat. 

  • Asiatic lion male lying down in wild at a chickpea field

    Asiatic lion conservation

    There are approximately 600 Asiatic lions left in the Gir Forest of Western India, their last remaining natural habitat.

  • Asian elephants crossing a river
    The largest land mammal on the Asian continent

    Asian elephant

    Discover threats to Asian elephants and how, at ZSL, we're working to save them

  • Wildlife conservation