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28 September 2021

As a charity we rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our pioneering science and conservation work happening around the world.

Corporate partnerships are a fantastic way for businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world to join forces with ZSL and contribute directly to shaping a world where wildlife thrives. As COP26 draws closer we’re calling on government and industry to put nature at the heart of global decision making. So we are delighted that TestRAMP is doing exactly that, generously donating to ZSL. 

TestRAMP works with laboratories and resellers to facilitate efficient covid testing at scale. The impact on human health is clear, but CEO Mike Hudson explains how a passion for extending the impact to wildlife through a One Health approach translated to corporate support for ZSL:

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From covid tests to conservation – driving the One Health agenda

By Mike Hudson, TestRAMP CEO

"The COVID-19 pandemic took most of the world by surprise. One moment we were enjoying all the freedoms we take for granted, and the next we were locked in our homes wondering how this pandemic would end.

In the spring of 2020 it was obvious UK covid testing capacity would need to expand, so I set up a not-for-profit called TestRAMP to create a marketplace for B2B PCR testing and raise money for good causes at the same time. We find labs for test providers, and clients for labs, as well as helping labs work together so that covid testing happens reliably at a reasonable price."

One Health

"As the pandemic progressed, I learned more about zoonotic diseases like coronavirus and realised many scientists – including those at ZSL – were not surprised by the pandemic at all. Multiple zoonotic diseases emerge from wildlife each year, spreading to humans more frequently than ever before. The destruction of the world’s wildlife has created optimum conditions for disease to spread from animals to people – fragmented habitats force wildlife into proximity with humans where disease can ‘jump’ species.

"The more I understood about the benefits of a One Health approach aligning ecosystem, animal and human health sectors the clearer it was that it’s the only way to avoid another catastrophic pandemic."

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Covid tests for conservation

"I wanted the surplus from TestRAMP to undo some of the terrible damage wrought by the pandemic. Living near to ZSL London Zoo I was aware the closure of both London and Whipsnade Zoos was putting immense financial pressure on the organisation, reducing its capacity to undertake crucial science and conservation work, which is why I felt it important for TestRAMP to support ZSL, as one of its chosen charities”.

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"I am delighted that through this corporate partnership, TestRAMP has been able to donate more than £500,000 already to ZSL to support the critical work its scientists and conservationists are doing to tackle the issues facing wildlife. The health of the planet, its people, its livestock and its wildlife are interconnected at every level. TestRAMP is entirely philanthropic and being able to use the funds from testing humans for covid, to support ZSL’s work with wildlife feels like a fitting way to contribute to a brighter future for all of us."

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