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24 September 2021 12:00pm - 1:00pm

In this one-hour online event, we showcased examples where ZSL is developing nature-based solutions to the climate crisis and working with communities to secure a biodiverse and sustainable future for all.  

Climate change is leading to the breakdown of our environment, taking with it the foundations of our economies, food security, health and quality of life.

Promising solutions to the climate change crisis involve protecting and restoring nature. These "nature-based solutions" also help to address the rapid loss of biological diversity worldwide. But how do these solutions work in practice?

Discover more about our work in different countries (including the Philippines, Mongolia and the UK) and hear from the experts who lead these projects, as they reveal what they do and how they do it. 


  • Nathalie Pettorelli is a conservation scientist working on nature-based solutions, particularly rewilding.
  • Heather Koldewey is a conservation biologist involved with marine protected areas in the Indian Ocean
  • Jurgenne Primavera is a marine biologist leading efforts to bring back mangroves in the Philippines
  • Tungalag Ulambayar is an ecologist protecting rangeland ecosystems and associated wildlife in Mongolia.
  • Alison Debney is a marine conservationist restoring coastal habitats (including seagrass and oyster beds) in the UK.

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  • This interactive online event was livestreamed to our YouTube channel
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