Participate in 5k May for ZSL

How to participate in 5k May for ZSL

This month we’ve teamed up with the creators of the 5k lockdown challenge, Run For Heroes, to bring you #5kMay!

Participate in a 5k during Maydonate £5 to ZSL to support our animals and conservation work, then nominate 5 friends to do the same! 

Every £5 donation makes a big difference in helping us to fight wildlife extinction and continue to care for the 30,000 amazing animals in our Zoos. £5 could buy a box of cabbages for our giraffes, fish for five of our penguins, or could power cameras that monitor endangered wildlife around the world.


Already completed your 5k?

Donate £5 to ZSL here


How to take part?

How to get involved in 5k May

- Sign up on the Run For Heroes website for event information and a race pack. If you prefer not to sign up – no problem, you can still take part.

- Anytime between 1st - 31st May, participate in a 5k (run, roll, walk, cycle, hop, socially distanced of course!)

- Donate £5 to ZSL here or search for ‘Zoological Society of London’ on the Run For Heroes donation page.

- Nominate 5 of your friends to take part too, remembering to tag us on social media with @ZSLLondonZoo, @ZSLWhipsnadeZoo or @OfficialZSL so we can see your efforts!

Everyone that donates £5 will unlock a Run For Heroes goodie bag, packed full of rewards and treats.


Get involved as a team

Why not mobilise your school, colleagues or sports club to get involved too? It’s the perfect opportunity to get a group together (virtually of course) and encourage them to take part in a 5k too.


Want to put a wild twist on your 5k?

See if you can draw an animal with the mapped path of your route!

Try using a route tracing app, such as Strava or Map My Run, to record the route that you travel. Upload a picture to social media and tag us with @ZSLLondonZoo, @ZSLWhipsnadeZoo or @OfficialZSL.


We can’t wait to see what you get up to!


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