Biodiversity and business linkages

Learn from the world's leading experts from academia and industry and share your own ideas in this interactive workshop, hosted at the Zoologial Society of London. Through invited talks, panel discussions and an interactive session we will explore the latest developments in natural capital thinking. The speakers would be highlighting the success stories in connection to their work on ecosystem services and business linkages. If you are interested in natural capital or on operationalisation of ecosystem services in business. 

The ticket price is £20 and includes lunch and refreshments for the day. Please contact us regarding your dietary preferences.

Invited talk titles:

Confirmed speakers:

1) Mark Gough (Executive Director, Natural Capital Coalition): "How the capitals can help us"

2) James Vause (Lead Economist, UNEP-WCMC): "Supporting better business decisions: Communicating and Interpreting Biodiversity Information"

3) Louise Firth (Lecturer, University of Plymouth): “Eco-engineering of the grey: making space for nature along artificial coastlines”.

4) Alison Field (Area Director, Forestry Commission, Southeast and London Area): "Forests and water"

5) Matt Smith (Ecosystems and Natural Capital Advisor, JNCC): "Business and Biodiversity: UK Public Sector Perspective"

6) Prue Addison (NERC fellow, University of Oxford): "Bringing lessons from conservation science to help mainstream biodiversity in the private sector”

7) Leon Bennun (Technical Director, The Biodiversity Consultancy): "Ecosystem service review for managing project risk"

8) Josiah Meldrum (Co-Founder, Hodmedod ltd): "Supporting on-Farm Diversity: How creating new routes to market for underutilised crops and varieties can lead to positive on-farm conservation outcomes"

9) Thomas Smith (Valuing Nature Programme Secondee, University of Leeds): "The challenge of making biodiversity relevant to business"

10) Pippa Heylings (UNDP Global Facilitator for IPBES, Talking Transformation Ltd.): "The voices of business and biodiversity in policymaking: innovation through the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystems (IPBES)"

11) Rajina Gurung (Seafood Sustainability Advocate, Marine Conservation Society): “Sustainable seafood: how businesses and consumers can help achieve seas full of life”

12) Henry Leveson Gower (Head of abstraction and upstream policy, DEFRA): "Ecosystem Management and Organisational Forms"

13) James Peacock (Product Manager, Entrade, Wessex Water): Using reverse auctions to get the most out of biodiversity spending

The talks will throw light on the key challenges to operationalization of biodiversity business linkages and pathways in overcoming these challenges. The objective of the workshop is to share, discuss and learn about latest actions regarding natural capital thinking. Participants will be able to gain fresh ideas to take back to their workplaces and have an enlarged network of interested colleagues.

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