UK Bushmeat Working Group

Equatorial Guinea Bushmeat Market

The UK Bushmeat Working Group (UKBWG) meets regularly to discuss hunting and trade in bushmeat in the context of development, sustainable livelihoods and conservation.

The group is open to all representatives of key UK Government departments, the timber and other relevant industries, conservation and development NGOs and other national or international bodies and individuals with an interest in bushmeat issues. These include development agencies, conservation organisations, charities bringing relief and aid to tropical forest countries, human rights organisations, academic departments and training centres, and commercial, industrial and trade organisations, amongst others.

The UKBWG’s specific mandate is, with reference to trade in bushmeat in the context of development, conservation and sustainable livelihoods, to assist the exchange of information, to improve understanding, to build consensus through dialogue and debate and to disseminate the results as appropriate among its members and more widely through links to other organisations both within the UK and abroad.

The UKBWG was established in 1999 under the UK Tropical Forest Forum. In 2006, with funding from DEFRA, ZSL assumed responsibility for facilitating and administering the group, convening meetings and disseminating information to its members.


UK Bushmeat Working Group: recent meeting reports: