Conservation Breeding

Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis

Breed endangered species with the aim of reintroducing them into the wild.

ZSL’s Conservation Breeding and Reintroduction Programme provides an important resource to ZSL’s conservation work through the management of populations of threatened species in our zoos and, where appropriate, to use some of these to re-establish populations in the wild. (Read More)

Amur leopard

In order to support the remaining wild Amur leopards, ZSL manages the...

Amur leopard

In order to support the remaining wild Amur leopards, ZSL manages the Global...

Amur tiger in camera trap

In order to support the remaining wild Amur tigers, ZSL manages the European...

Bermudan land snail

A conservation breeding and reintroduction programme for the Bermudian land...

Mountain chicken frog

Once a traditional dish in Montserrat and Dominica, the mountain chicken...

Male Hihi bird

The Ecology and Conservation of New Zealand’s Hihi: A Case Study for...

Partula snails getting ready to be released from ZSL London Zoo

An international conservation programme for the Polynesian tree snails of...

Fen raft spider

ZSL is working to protect some of the UK’s most endangered insects and...

Griffon Vulture

Halting catastrophic declines in India and Nepal's iconic vulture species....

Sand gazelles

Conservation breeding and science in Saudi Arabia.

Scimitar horned oryx release, Chad

A major initiative to reintroduce the scimitar-horned oryx to its historical...

Adult Mauritius kestrel perch on a branch

Restoring a conservation icon

A male Mauritius Fody perch on a branch

The most interesting bird you’ve never heard of.

Pink pigeon

There really are Pink Pigeons!

Echo Parakeet

Recovery of the only surviving Mascarene parrot species