About ZSL Conservation

Our Mission

To promote and achieve worldwide conservation for animals and their habitats.

Our Work

ZSL runs conservation programmes in Britain and over 50 countries worldwide; the conservation of wild animals and their natural habitats is fundamental to our mission. We work with local communities to conserve their environment and promote sustainability.

For over 180 years the Zoological Society London has played an essential role in convening experts to address challenging science and conservation issues, including hosting high-profile public meetings, symposia and national and international workshops. Throughout the world we work with governments, civil society and the private sector to conserve species and habitats. We contribute to building conservation capacity and skills in the UK and abroad through educational programmes, workshops and Masters and PhD courses and awards to support young conservationists.

ZSL is not a lobby organization – we simply advise decision makers and are often called upon by business and government. We are scientific advisors to Globe International and produce reports for the UN and scientific conventions.

We also work with major natural resource industries assisting in biodiversity monitoring and advising on best practices and protocols for certification including the Forest Stewardship Council and the Marine Stewardship Council.

ZSL’s 2026 Targets

By 2026 – the Society’s 200th birthday – ZSL will have:

  • Defined and monitored the status of the world’s protected areas and at least 20,000 species.

  • Improved the status of at least 100 of the world’s most threatened and distinct species.

  • Protected and restored at least 1 million km2 of coastal and marine habitat and ½ million km2 of terrestrial habitat.

  • Ensured best practice for natural resource use in at least 1 million km2 of priority production landscape.

  • Through our zoos, research and public engagement, enabled over 70 million people to adopt positive steps to support conservation and value nature.

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