Mataki tags with size comparisson next to coins

Together with partners, ZSL has developed an exciting new tool which has the potential to transform our understanding of where and why animals move in space and time. Mataki is an advanced, open source wildlife tracking system which differs from other tracking devices in being wirelessly enabled, low cost and readily programmable. Data can therefore be retrieved without necessarily recovering devices and researchers can explore novel tracking approaches by developing their own firmware.

To date, applications have been focused on the migratory and foraging behaviour of pelagic seabirds, but these small tracking devices could be placed on many different taxa. The open platform means that researchers can choose to modify the existing designs as their projects require, with a number of solutions provided for most common tracking problems.

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Watch how Mataki tags have been used to monitor the critically endangered pygmy three-toed sloth.

Project information

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People involved

Mataki was conceived and developed by Robin Freeman, Head of the Indicators and Assessment Unit at the Institute of Zoology, ZSL.

Partners and sponsors

Partners: UCL, Microsoft Research