Passage to the Antarctic Peninsular

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Leaving South GeorgiaRight on queue, on leaving South Georgia, the weather turned.  We have now been treated to 2 days at sea with big waves, howling winds and freezing temperatures.  The effect on the passengers has been felt. There are a few green faces, and sea sickness has meant that lunch and dinner has been less well attended.  In the moments that we can get out on deck though, as the winds lull, we are greeted by some fantastic views of sea birds such as these cape petrels, and icebergs galore. We head for the South Orkneys, specifically Signey Island, and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) summer base.  We are fortunate to be one of only 4 ships allowed to head in there this season. Cape PetrelUnfortunately though, as the weather delays our arrival, and the wind picks up as we get the first zodiac out for the mile long ride ashore, a mass landing is deemed impossible in the time frame. However, a few of us race across on the first and only zodiac to drop off a camera for the guys at the BAS station to put up for us.  This will be our 4th Camera on the Scotia Arc.  The cold and the spray are worth it for the chance to set foot on Signey (albeit for just 2 minutes, much to the amusement of our hosts from BAS), and to get another camera deployed.

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