Arrived and jet lagged

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ZSL Office in Jambi Sumatra

Well I’m here at the Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) offices in Sumatra.  At the moment, ZSL share the building with WCS  (Wildlife Conservation Society) who like ZSL also manage zoos, the most famous being the Bronx Zoo in New York City. WCS also manage leading conservation projects over the globe.  The ZSL team in Indonesia is getting bigger and they are all squashed in  two rooms so the team will be moving to new offices next week.  Not including volunteers, there are 45 team members working for ZSL in Indonesia this gives some idea of the scale of work done by ZSL towards tiger conservation in the country!  Already on my first day I can see just how hardworking everyone is and how passionate they are about tigers and the work of ZSL. I’m slightly jet lagged but enjoying being here.  I love to travel and Indonesia feels different to the rest of South East Asia, especially as I have been to mainly Buddhist countries before.  As I’m sitting in the office writing this blog I can hear the Adan being called out by the muezzin which I’m familiar with hearing in hot dry places like Turkey and the united Arab Emirates.  To hear it here with tropical rain falling makes it feel very exotic, which is comforting as much of Jakarta and Bogor looks and feels like any city in the world and not too far from my daily commuting life in London, especially the long traffic jams. I met Laura D’Arcy who is the Co-County Coordinator for Indonesia and I’ve been given my schedule for the next week.  Laura has over six years experience of managing conservation projects in Indonesia, speaks Indonesian and understands all the complexities of working here.  I’m very impressed by the constant multitasking and energy that Laura is able to do managing the work of ZSL in Indonesia.  Later today I will meet Dolly Priatna who is the other Co-Country Coordinator for Indonesia. Tomorrow and the day after I travel first to Jambi on the island of Sumatra and then on to Berback national park to spend a week working with the ZSL team at the field base.  More travelling but at least it’s not hours in a plane which I would enjoy a lot more if I was not 6’4”... plane travel is one of those times when I wish I was more average in height. Thanks for all your comments so far - keep them coming, and I will try and answer them the best I can! Teague

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