A world where wildlife thrives is a world where we all thrive. At ZSL we are committed to celebrating diversity and difference by building a culture of inclusivity, and an organisation that truly reflects the world we live in.

‘We recognise the value of having a team of employees with diverse skills, experiences, and abilities, we, therefore, encourage applications from all backgrounds.’ 

- ZSL Statement of Intent, endorsed by ZSL Trustees, Executive Council and Diversity and Inclusion group.

At ZSL we believe that inclusion and diversity is fundamental to our future. We are committed to achieving a diverse workforce of staff and volunteers that empowers and enables all of our people to be their authentic selves at ZSL. 
We are working towards playing a full role in creating inclusive practice within science and conservation in the UK and overseas, reflecting on what this means and how we should be rethinking our practices to truly make an impact for wildlife and communities across the globe.

We are investing in improvement to our culture of inclusion and are producing our first diversity and inclusion strategy. It aims to create a more equitable environment for everyone, with a focus on our existing priority areas:

  • Leadership: embed inclusive leadership across ZSL
  • Diversity in the workforce: to create diversity within ZSL’s workforce to increase innovation and problem-solving with a range of diverse perspectives
  • Education: to increase awareness on the issues and benefits of equitable outcomes, diversity and inclusion across ZSL
  • Accessibility: To ensure that programmes and initiatives across ZSL are accessible and equitable for all
  • Culture: to create an inclusive culture across the organisation and foster belonging to acknowledge, welcome and celebrate who we all are
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Diversity and Inclusion Groups

To support our work in Inclusion and Diversity across ZSL, we have several equality networks to create voice for diverse groups at an individual and collective level. They provide a safe space for discussion of issues, help to raise awareness within the wider organisation, and offer a collective voice to communicate with senior leaders.

Our diversity and inclusion groups include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee – a strategic I&D steering group

  • Team Pride – our LGBTQ+ Inclusion Group

  • Culture and Race Inclusion Group

  • Disability Awareness Group

  • RENO Working Group – an equality group for Institute of Zoology students

  • Science Equality and Diversity Committee

  • Mental Health First Aid Team

  • Wellbeing Champions

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Meet the team

"We formed the Culture & Race Inclusion group as a platform for minority ethnic staff & volunteers to be heard and provide insight into lived experiences. The group works to inform and advise the D&I group on matters related to culture and race.

It's great to see ZSL making steps towards being a progressive organisation and that we're prioritising becoming a more inclusive environment."

Zora Quadir, Training & Organisational Development Coordinator
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"The Institute of Zoology and wider Science Directorate within ZSL aim to create an inclusive environment for all staff and students, as well as to break down systemic barriers which prevent diversity in the greater science, academic, and conservation fields. Our Science E&D Committee and RENO Working Group allow us to share ideas and resources, plan events, create conference posters, write articles, and more.

"Providing equitable opportunities for younger generations to see themselves in higher education, diversifying the staff we see in senior positions, and including a wider group of people in our research initiatives are key priorities for us. Please reach out at any time to learn more about opportunities and guidance within our institute."

Breanna Kaufman, EDI and Science Review Boards Administrator
Breanna Kaufman, EDI and Science Review Boards Administrator

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