At ZSL, we're working towards a world where wildlife thrives. Shaping the future of global wildlife conservation and science, our expert teams are led by a team of dedicated directors, passionate about ensuring nature is at the heart of global decision making.

Matthew Gould, ZSL Director General

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Jo Keaney, Chief Financial Officer 

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James Wren, Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Engagement

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James works with his team to build relationships with people by inspiring, influencing and engaging them to protect wildlife and to support ZSL. 

“Seeing ever-increasing positive results of ZSL’s actions – from achieving another year of zero poaching of wildlife in areas we work; seeing the reintroduction of species once lost from the wild; to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds being inspired at our zoos – it is all of this that makes me incredibly proud, particularly as it only happens because of the dedication and passion of our supporters, staff and volunteers.”

Kathryn England, Director of Zoos

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Kathryn manages both London and Whipsnade Zoos - institutions known and loved by millions of people, across many generations, around the world.

Owen Craft, Chief Operating Officer, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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Owen is responsible for strategic vision of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the UK’s largest Zoo.

“l’m working to create the longer term strategic vision, to ensure we are putting animal care, science and conservation at the heart of our future planning, whilst ensuring we are an attractive visitor proposition operating as sustainably as we can.”

Helen Downton, People Director

Helen Downton, People Director, ZSL

Helen is ZSL's People Director which means that she is the lead and Executive member for our People across ZSL - this includes volunteers and staff. 

"I'm passionate about supporting people to thrive in the workplace and love working with an organisation that is truly dedicated to its’ purpose to drive and support a world where wildlife thrives, ensuring that we have a world where we all thrive."

Dr. Andrew Terry, Director of Conservation and Policy

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Andrew leads our Conservation and Policy Directorate through the implementation of our new conservation plan across major ecosystem programmes throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. 

"Our core goal is ending the extinction crisis. My role is to harness our leading conservation science and enable its application to have impact on the ground. Our real strength is in developing innovation evidence-led approaches to the many threats faced by the world's wildlife"

Professor Johan du Toit, Director of Science

Johan Du Troit

Professor Johan du Toit oversees the delivery of science across the organisation. He is responsible for the management of the Institute of Zoology, the UK’s leading research institute in conservation science; and Science Resources, which delivers our public events and oversees our library. 

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