Genetic marker-based parentage analysis is routinely utilized in evolutionary and conservation studies of endangered species. In the experimental designing stage, determining the optimal number of markers to be used for parentage analysis is critically important in attaining a sufficiently high statistical power with minimal genotyping cost.

AuntExcPrb calculates or simulates the probability of excluding N aunts from the maternity of a male by using L codominant marker data. Calculations use a formula under the assumption of a haplodiploid species with haploid males and diploid females. Simulations assume either a diploid species (where both males and females are diploid) or a haplodiploid species. The formula and simulations are described in the paper:

Wang J. and Bourke AFG. 2022. Parentage exclusion of close relatives in haplodiploid species. Theoretical Population Biology (submitted).

The computer program, AuntExcPrb, was created in year 2022 to calculate Aunt Exclusion Probability and to do simulations. Separate packages are available for Windows, Mac and linux. Each downloaded package includes user’s manual, example datasets, source code of the program in Fortran 90, and executables. The Windows version has a GUI that facilitates data/parameter input and results visualization.