AgeStructure is a computer program for estimating the generation interval, effective size, variances and covariance's of lifetime number of offspring of an age structured population with overlapping generations.

The likelihood method implemented in AgeStructure assumes that a single sample of individuals is taken at random (with respect to kinship) from an age-structured population, and each sampled individual is sexed, aged and genotyped at a number of marker loci.

The sex, age and multilocus genotype information is then used to make parentage assignments among sampled individuals, and the parentage assignments together with other information of the sample are utilized in a likelihood framework to infer the generation interval, effective size and other important parameters (such as the variances and covariances of lifetime number of offspring) of the age-structured population.

For more details, read the paper below:

Wang, J., Brekke, P. , Huchard, E., Knapp, L. A. , Cowlishaw, G. 2010. Estimation of parameters of inbreeding and genetic drift in populations with overlapping generations. Evolution64, 1704–1718.

The program was created (version by Jinliang Wang in year 2010, and was updated (Version in year 2016. The program is in Windows package and linux package. Each package includes user's manual, an example dataset, Fortran source code, and the executable. 

The AgeStructure download form will be available soon.