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Species recovery
Endangered species planning & management
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Bringing species back from the brink of extinction and putting them on a path to global recovery is one of our most complex conservation challenges. Decision making is hard in this space because of uncertainty and risk, untested actions and multiple stakeholders holding differing objectives.

As species recovery programme manager, Thalassa aims to improve planning and management by addressing these complexities using deliberative, inclusive and values-focused decision tools. Drawing on her expertise in endangered species management and decision science, she works with UK and international teams to tackle this challenge. Past and present species projects include recovery planning for tara iti in New Zealand, tamaraw in the Philippines and sturgeon in the UK.

Improving our impact starts with robust decision making but it doesn't stop there. Thalassa's work is also concerned with ensuring we're on the right track to achieve the objectives we've set ourselves and working in the most effective way.

Thalassa is a firm believer that our research will be most efficient where what we learn influences what we will do. Her research interests are broadly around bridging the science-implementation gap, inclusivity in planning and the application of tools from structured decision making to address uncertainty and multiple objectives in endangered species conservation.

Fairy tern conservation 

New Zealand fairy tern in flight
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